Maplestory Build Guide

Maplestory: Because 3rd Job has such a variation of ending builds, this section has been divided into 2 sections. Core Skill builds, and Variation skill builds.

Core Builds

Standard Ranger Build

Level(MapleStory Mesos) 70 Strafe (1)
Level 71 MB (3)
Level 72 - MB (5), 1 AR (1)
Level 73-78 ?3 Strafe (19)
Level 79 Strafe (21), 1 Inferno (1)
Level 80~81 ?3 Puppet (6)
Level 82-84 ?3 Strafe (30)
Level 85-93 - 3 AR (28)
Level 94  AR (30)


This is a Standard Ranger Build. Using this build allows you to train at any spot suitable for a Strafe First build, as well as giving you a small amount of AR to work with. It is ideal to add Puppet after 20 Strafe, because after level(Maplestory powerleveling) 20, as Puppet is necessary for training effectively at Squids. Alternatively, if you plan to train elsewhere, Strafe can be left for later.

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