Maplestory Bowman Stats points allocation Guide

Maplestory Bowman Stats points allocation Guide
Before you start Maplestory , you should know how to allot your character is stats points. Here is a maple stroy mesos Bowman Stats points allocation Guide i collect from other site. Hope it is useful for your maple stroy mesos adventure.

As an archer, you will only need STR and DEX. You shouldn’t ever put points in any of the other categories. You should also try to roll a 4 INT and 4 LUK build when you create your character. If you Do not want to waste 15+ minutes, you can also try to get a 4/5 or a 5/5.

You should always have 5 more STR than your level since you want to be a hunter. For a crossbowman, you will need as much strength as your level. Example:
Level 35 hunter should have 40 STR.
Level 35 crossbowman should have 35 STR.

This is because of the strength requirement on bows/crossbows and other pieces of equipment. Put ALL the remaining points in your DEX. Dexterity is what will affect your damage. Higher is your DEX, higher is your damage.

What you need to know:
STR = your level +5 (hunter)
DEX = every remaining points
Level - STR
10 15
15 20
20 25
25 30
30 35
35 40
40 45
45 -- (No new equipment)
50 55
55 -- (No new equipment)
60 65
65 70
70 75
80 85

Every other point should be in DEX.

I would put the 5/10 points in STR at the level you need it. For example,

If you need 20 STR at level 15, I would put the 5 points in STR all in one shot, at level 15. If you Do not, you will do a little less damage from level 11 to 15. Even though level 80, 90, 100 equipments may not be out in your version yet, they probably will someday. We know already there are level 100 equipments in some versions.

that is all. More maple stroy mesos guides will come soon.

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