MapleStory is a free, two-dimensional, side-scrolling Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game developed by Wizet and distributed by various companies. The game takes place in the "Maple World," which players must defend against monsters. As in a typical online game, players can mold their characters to their liking by increasing their abilities. Interaction between users is encouraged in a variety of ways, including chatting, trading, and playing minigames.

Though the game is free to play, players may purchase various enhancements and upgrades in the Cash Shop using real money.

edit GameplayPlayer will start their journey at Maple Island when they create their character.This is the place where the tutorial begin.The tutorial will teach player the interface,SP Stats and AP Stats,how to hunt,etc.After doing quest and hunting at Maple Island,player who want to advance to Magician can leave at level 8 while Bowman,Thief,Warrior and Pirate can leave at level 10.They have to pay 150 mesos if they do not have Lucas is Recommendation.Then,player have to go to certain place to advance to first job.Warrior-Perion Magician-Ellinia Thief-Kerning City and finally Pirate-Nautilus Port.To level up,player have to hunt/kill monsters..It also give player nice amount of experience and a very great way to escape from grinding.Player can increase or decrease someone is fame.Fame is required to wear certain Equipment.Quests are tasks that players are able to perform for NPCs in exchange for a reward. There are many quests available to players, each having certain requirements that a player must meet before being able to take on the quest.This game is uniqeness shine with It is own special feature,Party Quest,which allow a group of player to solve quest together.It gives a nice amount of experience and a great way to escape from grinding.Monster are the habitant of Maplestory World.Player have to kill it to gain experience to level up,to complete quest or simply to gain mesos.

LocationsMain article: Locations
There are a number of explorable locations in MapleStory, each situated on one of three continents: Maple Island, Victoria Island, or Ossyria.

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