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See that cute little button on the bottom right side of the screen? It is green and it says "TRADE" with a bunch of gold coins behind it. If you click it you well be transferred to a menu-based world that just hands out mesos. Alright, so maybe It is not exactly that, but it is extremely simple to make millions of mesos in just days using the MTS. Do not need mesos? What if I told you that you could go the rest of your life without paying money to obtain as much NX as you need? If you are still not interested, you are either rich in real life, or have a friend in maple who just gives away 21 attack workgloves. If you are neither then you should continue reading.

How MTS Works

The MTS stands for "Maple Trading Service" or "Maple Trading System". I am pretty sure It is the latter but it does not matter. The MTS is simply a place where you can buy/sell items using NX instead of mesos. MTS is cross-server so anything you see could be from any world in your version of Maple. The only disclaimer about this is that new worlds, such as Demethos, are forbidden to use the MTS until a certain period of time. Other than that, anything in the MTS could be from anywhere. Upon entering the MTS for the first time, you well probably be a little confused or overwhelmed by the amount of text that lies before you. Do not worry about it though, it only takes a little time to get to know everything.

• On the bottom left of the MTS screen, you should see a place for your inventory. This will display all of the items you have on-hands, minus cash shop items.
• The window above that is for transferred items. This is used when you buy an item or cancel a current sale. Any items that appear here will need to be double clicked to send back to your on-hands inventory.
• The window above that contains items that you are currently selling. Anytime you start a sale, items will appear here. To cancel a sale, just click on the item and hit the "cancel" button. It should go to the transferred item window.
• Above that should be a display of your Maple ID, which is horribly blocked (If your Maple ID was Basilmarket, it would turn to Ba**lmarket). Below your Maple ID is your Character Name (Mine says HolyMythos). Above those two lines displays your Maple Character, which you can move around if you want, but it serves no purpose in the MTS as you Can not preview items like you can in the Cash Shop.
• On the bottom you will see a bar that displays your NX Cash, your Maple Points (not sure if you can use these in the MTS, I have never had any) and your mesos on-hand. You will also see a CHARGE button to charge NX Cash, and a CHECK CASH button which will refresh your NX Cash in case it is laggy and has not updated. Next to that is the Exit button.
• On the top, you will see five sections; FOR SALE, WANTED, AUCTION, MY PAGE, GUIDE. These will be explained later.
• In the middle, this is where the magic happens. It displays everything that you can buy and bid on. There are tabs at the top of this margin which display; ALL, EQUIP, USE, SETUP, ETC. These will just sort out the items you are looking at.
• Above this you well see a search funtion. You can change if you are looking at For Sale, Wanted, or Auction. You can sort out your search via the dropdown next to it just like the tabs mentioned above, and then finally the search bar. You can even change from items to certain character is auctions. So, if you put in Character "HolyMythos" You d see all of my items I am currently selling/buying/auctioning.

It is all pretty simple despite it looking like a bunch of text.


So you want to sell an item. Here is a step by step process on how to do it:

• Double Click on the item in your inventory in the bottom left window. You can also click on it and hit the SELL button if you wish. A window should pop up:
Listing Price: This is the amount of NX you wish to gain from your sale. So, if you put in "1,000" and the item sells, you will gain 1,000 NX.
Unit: This only applies to USE and ETC items. This designates the number of items you want to sell. So, if you wanted to sell 50 Green Snail Shells, you would put in 50.
Listing Fee: This will display 5,000 Mesos and cannot be changed. For each item you put up you will be charged 5,000 Mesos regardless of if it sells or not. The money will be taken as soon as you click the OK button.
Total Price: This will display the amount of NX a person will need to spend to buy your item. Nexon, since they are greedy, will charge 500 NX per sale as well as 7% extra NX of your listing price. Do not worry, only the buyer will be charged this, not you.
• You then have an OK/CANCEL button. Click OK to go through with the sale, or CANCEL to... cancel.
• The item will transfer to the "Not Yet Sold" window and your main window will be taken to the part of the list where your item is being sold.

Items have a week to be sold. If they do not sell within a week, they are canceled and return to the Transfer Inventory window. If they do sell, you will automatically be given the NX and the item will disappear from the Not Yet Sold window.


I am not going to lie, I have only used this once and never used it again. I can sort of explain it to you to the best of my knowledge but I may be incorrect on something. If someone could write to me if I am incorrect about something, please do. Like before, Here is how to auction something off:

• Click on the item in your inventory and then click the AUCTION button. Double-clicking the item will only lead you to the SELL window.
• A window will appear much like the SELL window only with different options:
Time (Hours): This will be the amount of hours your item will be auctioned for.
Starting Bid: This will be the lowest amount that your item could be auctioned for. So, if we put in 1,000 the lowest amount it could sell for is 1,000 NX.
Bid Increasement: This dropdown has four options you can select; 10, 100, 500, 1000. Depending on what you pick, the next person to bid will bid this amount. So, a person buying our item for 1,000 would have to bid at least either 10, 100, 500, 1000 to make the current price 1,010, 1,100, 1,500 or 2,000.
Direct Purchase: This is a cap amount that your item will be sold for. If set, anyone could go in and directly bid this amount and win the item instantly. I personally wouldnot set this, as you are basically capping your income. Why would you want to say "No thanks, I well take 5,000 NX instead of a chance at winning more"?
Units: Like selling an item, this designates the quantity of the item you are selling.
Listing Fee: Again, a flat fee of 5,000 Mesos to you to put up the auction.
Starting Price: This will show you the minimum price for your item. The NX fee is added in just like a sale.
Buy Now: This will show you the direct purchase for your item. The NX fee is added in just like a sale.
• Again, you get another OK/CANCEL button for final confirmation.

Hardly anyone uses auction, but if you prefer to use it go on ahead, no one is stopping you :D


Again, I have used this once and was so confused I didnot use it ever again. I well try to explain, but It is confusing so I well try my best. Again, if you use this, please correct me if I am horribly wrong.

• Click on the WANTED tab at the top of your screen.
• Click on the "LIST WANTED ITEM" button on the top right of the main screen.
• A search bar will come up. Simply put in the name of the item you want and hit search. You can actually use this thing to find any item in the game, even the beginner outfits you get when you do the training when you create your character.
• A window will open like the sale/auction window.
Total Price: This works the opposite of the sale section. you are inputting the entire cost of the item, including the 500 NX Flat Fee and the 7% NX Charge. This is how much you will pay for the item.
Unit: Works just like the sale/auction.
Listing Price: This will update automatically with the amount the person selling will receive when (s)he offers.
• There will be a blank window at the bottom which you can type in. You can put in whatever you want to appear on your WANTED item, such as what stats you want on an equip. Some/Most people will use this to advertise their sales.
The NX will be taken out of your NX Cash directly after you creating the listing. Do not worry, you can get it back.

Upon the item being put up, click on the MY PAGE and then OFFERS to see the item listed for yourself. There is a BUY/CANCEL button on the rightmost side of your offer. Personally, I have no idea what happens when someone bids or if you click the buy button. If you click the cancel button, you will receive your NX and the listing will go away.

My Page

This will list everything you need to know about your own buys and sells on the MTS.
• "Cart" deals with items you can put in your cart so you can browse and then buy all of your items all at once. Never used it. It is basically the same you would use in any online store.
• "Offers" shows you your "Wanted" listings and any offers on them. It is explained above.
• "History" shows you everything you have sold or bought... ever. My earliest listing is from July 11th, 2008.
• "Auction" should show you how your auctions are coming along. I am not sure, since I have never used this.

This can be used as a little time machine to see how much stuff you have sold was worth way back when. I sold a 10% Bow Scroll in July for 500NX. I wish I coud still do that now haha.


Guide is just a guide. you are reading one right now, and believe me, this is a lot more involved than the MTS Guide is in the MTS. Seriously, this is already about 4x as long as their guide and I am about halfway done. This does not even deserve this h.

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