Maple Story Warrior Guide

Maple Story Warrior Guide

here are the Maple story tips about warrior:



Your beginner character can be upgraded to the Maple Story Warrior at level ten. The Warriors are called Swordsmen in their first job and have the strongest raw damage of any other character.

The Maple Story Warriors have a skill that is called Improving Max HP Increase which will increase their Max HP each time they reach a new level. The Warrior is a powerful character with a lot of different skills and combinations to choose from and to ensure that you have the best Warrior build available, it is essential that you use a Maple Story Warrior Guide.


A Maple Story Warrior Guide will help you get more familiarized with your character’s abilities and their attacking skills which are slash blast and power strike. The site below has the best and most updated Maple Story Warrior Guides available which will help you choose the best combination of weapons and items and help you make the most of your Warriors skills to get it more successful out in the battlefield.


Warriors can choose be a Maple Story Fighter once they reach their 2nd Job advancement. The Maple Story Fighter uses Swords and Axes to attack enemies. Swords provide more consistent damage and faster attack speed but Axes have more powerful blows. Out of the three 2nd Job Warriors, the Fighter can level up the fastest, mainly because of their Rage Skill


The Maple Story Fighter’s skills are Booster Skill which increases their attack skills, and Final Attack. The Maple Story also has two supportive skills which are Power Guard, which allows the Fighter to reflect 40% of damage back to the enemy, and the popular damage boosting Rage skill. When completing their 3rd advancement the Fighter becomes the Crusader.


It is a confusing process to learn how to use your Maple Story Fighter skills correctly and to find out what attributes would be the most beneficial for your Warrior. A good Maple Story Fighter Guide can however, make the process a lot easier!


If you want to create a powerful Maple Story Fighter build without spending mind numbing hours trying to select the most beneficial combination, than click on the site below. You can get access to the most effective and helpful Maple Story Fighter Guides available. So check them out so you can create a more powerful character today!


Warriors are called Swordsmen in their first Job and can choose to be a Maple Story Page in their 2nd Job advancement. The Maple Story Page is one of three 2nd job Warriors and use swords and blunt weapons to attack. The Maple Story Page becomes the White Knight in the 3rd Job advancement.


Blunt Weapons have high swinging damage but low stabbing damage, whereas the swords are faster, have a more stable damage range, and also cost more. The Maple Story Page skills are similar to the Fighter’s and include Power Guard, Booster Skill, Final Attack, and Threaten.


If can be extremely difficult to create a powerful Maple Story Page, and to ensure that you don’t just end up with an average Warrior, it is essential that you have access to a good Maple Story Page Guide.


The Website below can provide you with effective Maple Story Page Guides that will help you choose stats that are the most beneficial for your character and get you more familiar with their skills and how to use them more effectively. If you  don’t want to settle for an average Warrior then check out the site today to get access to the best Maple Story Page Guides available!


When your Warrior reaches their 2nd Job advancement you can choose to become a Maple Story Spearman. The Spearman has the strongest raw damage out of all three 2nd Job Warriors; however, they also have a slow attack speed. On the 4th Job advancement the Maple Story Spearman becomes a Dragon Knight.


Unlike the other two 2nd classes, the Maple Story Spearman can master two weapons. Their Weapons are Spears, which can do more damage at stabs, and Polearms which are more effective with slashes. The Maple Story Spearman Skills are Hyper Body and Iron Will and because of their party skills, they are more party oriented then the other two classes.


Selecting the correct attributes and being able to effectively use both weapons can be a very difficult process. If you are unsure how to get the most out of your character’s skills than a Maple Story Spearman Guide is exactly what you need.


The Website below can provide you with the best and most effective Maple Story Spearman Guides available. With the Guide you’ll be able to select more effective stats and become more familiar with your character and its skills, so check out the site today for your Maple Story Spearman Guide and create the powerful character that you’ve always wanted!

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