Maple Story Warrior

Beginner stat point distribution

Try to add STR at every lvl (till lvl 10) until the STR is at the 40 mark. After that, add everything into DEX. The SP distribution charts for lvl 10-70 will be shown later! Try not to lvl past 10, or else you will lose valuable SKP (skill points). Do not add any points into: HP / MP / LUK / INT.

Stat point adding

When most newbie or beginners start playing the game, they will not know what stat points to add. Is it LUK, STR, INT, or DEX. Some will try to make their stats even so that they will have there warrior even. Well they are wrong following this guide and you will have a decent warrior. For a range of 5 lvls: Every 3 lvls add all SP into STR. Every 2 lvls add all SP into DEX I am assuming your warrior has 4/4 in LUK and INT. Lvl 10=40STR / Lvl 15=55STR / Lvl 20=70STR / Lvl 25=85STR / Lvl 30=100STR When you are lvl 30-40, some equipment require you to add more STR. So instead of STR for every 3 lvls. Add STR for every 4-5 Lvls necessary. My recommendation would be to add STR for 4 lvls, and DEX for1 lvl. The equipment that you wear like your lvl 35 glove is 125 STR. You should have 120 STR at lvl 35. With your equipment, you should be able to wear the glove. Keep the STR for 4 lvls and DEX for 1 lvl this way forever. On the other hand, you could always add STR all the way until lvl 40. Then start adding your DEX in. 3 STR, 2 DEX for each lvl. Therefore, you can fill in the DEX that you missed from lvl 30-40.
Choosing skills

Improving HP Recovery, Master Lvl 16: You can recover more HP when you are standing or sitting on a bench. Improving Max HP Increase, Master Lvl 10: While having a lvl up, if SP are used on Max HP, it raises the lvl for Max HP. Endure, Master Lvl 8: When you are hanging on a rope or ladder, you gain HP. Iron Body, Master Lvl 20: This skill increases your defense for a period of time. Power Strike, Master Lvl 20: Use MP to deliver a killer blow to a monster with your weapon you are holding. Slash Blast, Master Lvl 20: Use HP and MP to attack every enemy around you with a weapon. Here is my recommendation for distributing your SKP. 5 in Improving HP Recovery Max out Improving HP Increase Max out Power Strike Max out Slash Blast Add 3 into Endure, Rest into Iron Body if possible.



When I first started out as a warrior (my good one), I had troubles figuring which places to train at. But now I know which place is good, and which place is bad. Here is a list of where you should train: Lvl 10-20 Slime tree all the way. Its good exp. Lvl 15-20 if you get bored along the way, try pig beach if you can afford pots Lvl 20-25 Pig beach, I hope most know how to get there by now. Green mushroom or blue horned mushroom. Do not go to Ant tunnel just yet, stay in the trees in Ellina for now. Lvl 25-30 (if you have good weapons) Wild boars, located 1 map east of perion. It’s in the big double doors located below the map. 

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