Maple Story Tips for Choosing Your Class

Maple Story Tips for Choosing Your Class
If you are starting out in Maplestory and you Do not know what you want to be, read on. People often end up regretting their first class choice, thinking that they could have done better with another, or feeling too weak as what they currently are. If you Do not want to end up like that, use this general guide on the four main classes of Maplestory.
We are not going to get too technical here, but I well lay out the main differences between each class. Then It is simply up to you.
The Warrior
Warriors attack using melee weapons, so they have to get up close to their enemies. they are considered the most powerful melee attackers at later job advancements, so if you like getting up close and dealing tons of damage, become a warrior. They have tons of HP, which makes up for their poor mobility and bad accuracy.
When you reach level 30 as a Warrior, you can become a Fighter, Page, or Spearman. Most people Do not come Pages and decide instead to become Fighters or Spearmen. Also, you can become an HP Warrior, but it gets tedious to level up. However, you well be able to fight much higher-level enemies as an HP Warrior later on, so you can also consider going for that.
The Thief
Thieves are known for being quick and deadly. They can become either melee or ranged, so you get a bit more choice than with fighters. They also have abilities such as Haste that make them even faster and more powerful, and they can jump farther than any other class.
Though thieves end up with relatively low HP, they make up for it with their high avoidability. It is more common to see ranged thieves than melee thieves. Ranged thieves throw ninja stars as they jump around while moving very, very fast, so they are considered to be a lot of fun to play.
The Bowman
Bowmen, as the name implies, use bows and arrows to take down their enemies. Their damage starts out low, but they have a very good set of skills that make up for it, some of them being very flashy and nice. Bowmen have the most unstable damage in the game until they obtain the Bow Mastery skill, so keep that in mind if your damage seems to jump between low and high numbers.
Bowmen Do not have very high mobility, and they have around the same HP as Thieves. Though Bowmen have a long range of attack, they Can not move while attacking and their speed is rather low.
Eventually, Bowmen are able to use a skill to shoot arrows to replace the need to buy them, which is very nice. Bowmen also have the highest accuracy in the game.

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