Maple Story Thief Guide

Maple Story Thief Guide


One of the four major characters in Maple Story is the Thief. The Maple Story Thief can be chosen as your new class once you’ve reached level 10 if your beginner character has the minimum amount of AP that is required for the advancement. After the second job advancement at level 30, the thieves are the fastest characters in the game.

The Maple Story Thief’s skills are Lucky Seven, Disorder, Keen Eyes, Double Stab and Nimble Body. With all the different skills available it can sometimes be hard to figure out what skill would be the most beneficial for a certain task.

A Maple Story Thief Guide is an excellent way to find out how to get your character to perform to its full potential. The Maple Story Thief Guide can assist you with selecting the correct and most beneficial skills for your character and show you how to get the most out of them.

The site below can provide you with the best and most effective Maple Story Thief Guides, Maple Story Thief Tips, and Maple Story Thief Stats available. With the help of the Thief Guides you’ll be able to create a more powerful character, defeat enemies with a lot more efficiency and advance a lot faster!

Thieves are called Rogues in their 1st Job and Rogues become Assassins once they reach level 30. The Maple Story Assassin’s skills include Endure, Haste, Drain, Critical Throw, Claw Booster and Claw Mastery, which can increase any damage done to a percentage of the maximum damage possible. The Maple Story Assassin becomes a Hermit on its 3rd Job advancement.

The Maple Story Assassin, who uses throwing stars to kill, is the quickest killing character and is extremely deadly in the battlefield which makes it a sought after character for many players. To get your Assassin to perform to its full potential it is important to create the correct build, and a Maple Story Assassin Guide can help you with that.

You have to choose abilities for your character and figure out what skills to invest SP into to create a more powerful character. There are so many different builds to choose from that it can get extremely confusing. If you need help with figuring out how to create the most powerful Maple Story Assassin than click on the site below to get access to the most up to date and effective Maple Story Assassin Guides that you can find.

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A Maple Story Bandit is one of two characters that the Thief can choose on their 2nd Job advancement. The Maple Story Bandits skills are Mastery, Haste, Endure, Dagger Booster and Dagger Mastery which are also very similar to the Assassin’s skills.

The most popular technique that a Maple Story Bandit uses is the Savage Blow which hits three times with each attack. The Maple Story Bandits also uses an attack called Steal which allows them to steal from their enemies.

The Maple Story Chief Bandit is the 3rd Job advancement for the Bandit and they gain two new skills which are the Assaulter and Band Of Thieves. The Maple Story Chief Bandits’ skills allows them to do things such as stun their enemy, reduces damage at the cost of Maple story mesos, and increase their HP healing rate while standing still. 

To get the most out of your Maple Story Bandit and Maple Story Chief Bandit, it is essential that you have a Guide. The Maple Story Bandit Guide will help you become more familiar with your character and their skills and help you choose the most effective stats. If you want to be able to create a more powerful character then click on the site below to get access to the most effective Maple Story Bandit Guides available that will provide easy to follow direction so you can get the most out of your character!

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