Maple Story Pirate Guide

here are the Maple story tips about pirate.
The path of the Pirate will probably one of the most popular in Maple Story. At their second job, Pirates have two options: Gunslinger or Brawler. Gunslingers are faster and ranged attackers, but their shots tend to be weak due to the lack of criticals that an Archer or Assassin has. Brawlers are melee, close-ranged fist fighters who deal lots of damage and have high HP, but they must get extremely close to their enemies and thus tend to take a lot of damage. The third job is forced, depending on what has been already chosen: Outlaw from Gunslinger and Marauder from Brawler. For the 4th job, Pirates have the choice of becoming either a Corsair or a Buccaneer.
•     Very fast attackers, nearly as fast as Rogues.
•     Interesting abilities, as well as getting a mob attack during first job.
•     Gunslingers can hover in the air for a short period of time.
•     In first job, pirates have a useful dash ability that can accelerate movement speed.
•     In the Brawler job, the user has physical mob attacks.
•     Brawlers have more HP than Bandits and more MP than warriors.
•     Gunslingers do low damage.
•     A little bit difficult to get used to, very different than other jobs.
•     The Float ability is not so useful if trying to get out.
•     The pirate equipment is a little bit expensive for a beginner.
•     Brawlers lack the mobility of Bandits, and also must be closer to attack.
Being new to Maple means that you will need some guidance. In this case, you will raise a future Pirate, meaning that you will need correct stats. As you will see further, the most necessary attributes for this job would be the STR and DEX, INT and LUK can be left at 4 or 5. If you want to build a Gunslinger, it is to consider getting the highest DEX when building this char. Meanwhile, if you try to build an Infighter is up to you to get the most STR at it's creation. Remember that you need 20 DEX to advance as a Pirate.
Maple Island
Being a future Gunslinger will mean you have great accuracy, like an archer, as well as a moderate chance to avoid the monsters attacks. Training at a good, slow monster is important, however. Stumps do well in this regard. If you are becoming an Infighter, you may train with stronger creatures like pigs, or mushrooms... however, you'll still need to train first with slower creatures.
Victoria Island
Upon arrival at Victoria Island , talk to Olaf and pick your job quest. Take the taxi to Nautilus Port and enter the submarine in the center of town. Walk to the right and enter a door with an "UP" arrow over it. this will take you to the top deck of the ship. Now, walk left and enter the farthest door. Inside is the bridge, where Kairin is located. Talk to Kairin and make the job advancement.
If one plans to be an Brawler, consider using your first point in Quick Motion. It adds Accuracy, which is very important for the physically attacking infighter. If one plans to become a Gunslinger, work on Double Shot or put your first point into Dash for increased mobility.
First Job: Pirate
For either job, it is important to keep your secondary stat equal to your level. If you intend to be statless, this is obviously not relevant to you. Max the most important skill for your branch as quickly as possible. Brawlers should max Straight, Backflip Kick, and Quick Motion, with one point into Dash. Gunslingers should max Double Shot, Dash, and Quick Motion. Double Shot is the most important skill, so max it quickly. For infighters, on the other hand, the basic attack is powerful enough to last while maxing Quick Motion to gain the accuracy needed. Take Kairin's advice and do the training quests, which mostly involve killing large numbers of pigs, to gain the potions you'll need to get by. Most Nautilus Port quests are very good experience, so do as many as possible.
The Second Job
For the Second Job Advancement, return to Kairin at level 30. When you agree to take the 2nd job test, you will enter a map with a number of conveyor belts and a large number of octopus monsters. You must kill the octopus monsters with Straight when taking the Brawler test and with Double Shot when taking the Gunslinger test. If you can't hit the octopus with your main attacking skill, you'll know you're taking the wrong test! Continually defeat the Octopuses until you have collected all 15 of the items and then return to Kairin. You will depart the training room and be on the Bridge once more. Talk to Kairin again to complete the job advancement. As a Brawler, you will get a very large HP boost when making the advancement, as well as 1 SP. Put this SP into the Maximum HP increase skill, and max it as soon as possible, as the close range needed to hit as an infighter means you'll be taking a lot of damage, so a high max HP is important. As a Gunslinger, Invisible Shot is a very important skill, so put your first point into that.
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