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Table of Contents:

For those who dont know, you can press Control (ctrl) + F (ctrl+f) and type in
exactly what you need, for example, if you wanted the introduction, you
would press ctrl+F and type in P1A,or if you wanted to look at the First job
advancement, you wouldtype P3A. Most of the people who use walkthroughs are
smart enoughto already know this, but sadly, there are those, such as you who
still continue to read this, who dont know any better.

The real Table of Contents:

-P2A-Legal stuff, and Version history
-P3A-The start of the Pirate
-P3B-  -Starting as a Beginner
-P3C-  -Pirate Skill Distribution
-P4A-The First Job Advancement
-P4B-  -The Infighter Build
-P4C-  -The Gunslinger Build
-P5A-The Second Job Advancement
-P5B-  -The Infighter
-P5C-  -The Gunslinger
-P6A-Training Spots
-P7A-Any and all updates of 2008
-P8A-Credits and Special thanks
-P9A-Coming soon


Hey, i dont really feel like giving my full real name over the web,
but my first name is Cameron. i Have a cleric named Valenthyne, and
am working on a DragonKnight name MataRyuu (but still currently spearman)

When the patch with pirates come out, i will be one of the first few to
become one, (partly because i hardly sleep), and will just grind train myself
to be a 4th job gunslinger (outcaster/captain), and will be named KitsuneHou
(japanese for Fox Cannon).

Expect anything pirate to be way overcostly, so be funded if you plan to go
far. Another sidenote will be that everything else will drop in price, so this
will benefit all the non-Pirates.

This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal/private use. It may not be placed on any of the sites not listed below
without written permission. Use of this guide on any other or as part of a
public display is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright.

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