Maple Story Magician Guide

Maple Story Magician Guide


The Magician’s powers are based on casting magic spells and magic attacks. As beginning characters, Maple Story Magicians are usually very weak but you can get their first job advancement at level eight instead of level ten, whereas you have to advance to level ten with the other three classes.

Once you reach the first job, the Magicians advance and improve quickly and around level 20 the Maple Story Magician is more advanced and can do more damage than any other class at the same level because of “magic claw” which is their powerful first job spell. If you want get the most out of your Magician and its ability points and skills than a Maple Story Magician Guide is for you. 


A Maple Story Magician Guide will give you information and tips to create a more powerful character that will be able to defeat enemies a lot more effectively. If you want to master in casting spells and get the most out of your Magicians skills and abilities then click on the website below which has the best and most affective Maple Story Magician Guides available!

Your Magician, can choose to be a Fire/Poison Wizard or an Ice/ Lightening Wizard at their 2nd Job advancement. The Maple Story Wizards are spell casters that use elemental magic to attack their enemies. 


The Maple Story Fire/Poison Wizard usually use only fire to attack and have the strongest spell damage of any of the three 2nd Job Characters. Some of the Maple Story Wizard’s skills include Poison Brace, which is not very popular, Meditation, Teleport, MP Eater, and Slow, which slows down enemies. The Maple Story Wizard becomes the Fire/Poison Mage on their 3rd Job advancement.

The Maple Ice/ Lightening Wizard is more powerful the Cleric but is not as powerful as the Fire/Poison Wizards. Their two main attacking skills are Thunderbolt and Cold Cream, which refers to “ice” and is used to freeze enemies and is also extremely effective when attacking single opponents. Thunderbolt is the weaker spell but allows the Maple Story Wizard to attack 6 people at once. Some other Skills include MP Eater, Slow, Meditation, and Teleport. The Maple Story wizards become the Ice/Lightning Arch Mage in their 3rd Job advancement. 


To get the most out of your Wizards in the battlefield, it is important that you have a detailed Maple Story Wizard Guide that will help you become more familiar with your Wizard and their Skills and Abilities. If you want to create a more powerful character then click on the site below for the absolute best and most effective Maple Story Wizard Guides available!

At level 30, Magicians can choose a Maple Story Cleric as their 2nd Job advancement character. Unlike most other characters, the Maple Story Cleric gets some experience from healing and supporting healers instead of fighting so a Maple Story Cleric is a character you would want by your side in the battlefield. 


The Maple Story Cleric’s main skill is Heal which sends MP to increase the HP of the caster and party members and can damage up to five undead monsters. Some other skills of the Maple Story Cleric are: Holy Arrow, and Bless and Invincible with are support skills. A Cleric becomes a Priest once you’ve reached the 3rd Job advancement.

If you chose the Maple Story Cleric as your character than your allies’ lives may depend on you out in the battlefield. To ensure that you get the most out of your Maple Story Cleric is essential that you have a Maple Story Cleric Guide.

The Website below can provide you with the best Maple Story Cleric Guides that will help you choose the most beneficial stats for your Cleric and make the most out of its skills. With the help of a Maple Story Cleric Guide you’ll be stepping out into battle with a lot more confidence and be performing a lot better!


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