Maple Story Hidden Street

Maple Story Hidden Street


Maple Story is a huge land filled with many towns, forests, mountains, and secret hiding places and caves. There are also hidden roads and streets that are not included on the Maple Story mini-map that can guide you straight to all the hot spots.

The Maple Story Hidden Streets and Roads can lead you to towns, monsters, items, Maple story mesos, and other characters that you would not be able to find otherwise. Getting lost in Maple Story can be a big waste of time and may also end up being deadly.

A Maple Story Hidden Street
Hidden Road
will show you all the best routes and shortcuts and guide you to exactly where you need to be going!

Don’t waste your time wandering around Maple Island aimlessly when you could be heading straight to the best location with most maple story mesos and Items. If you want the locations of all the secret places and roads then check out the site below for all the hard to find Maple Story Hidden Streets and make your adventure through Maple Island a lot more enjoyable and exciting.

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