Maple Story 4th Job

Maple Story 4th Job



At level 120, Maple Story characters get their 4th Job advancement and can change classes again. Even though Wizet has released the Maple Story 4th Job skills and classes’ names they have not yet released Maple Story 4th Job advancements on any server except in the KoreaMS Beta server which is currently being tested. This Site will be updated once Maple Story 4th Job is available.our website provied the most efficient Maple story power leveling for all our customers!



Swordman  =>Fighter      =>Crusader          =>Hero 

    =>Page          =>White Knight   =>Paladin 

   =>Spearman   =>Dragon Knight =>Dark Knight 

Magician   =>Wizard (Fire/Poison)  =>Mage (Fire/Poison)    =>Arch Mage (Fire/Poison) 

   =>Wizard (Ice/Lightning)=>Mage (Ice/Lightning) =>Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning) 

   =>Cleric                =>Priest             =>Bishop 

Archer       =>Hunter              =>Ranger           =>Bow Master 

    =>Crossbow Man=>Sniper            =>Marksman 

Rogue       =>Assassin           =>Hermit           =>Night Lord 

    =>Bandit              =>Chief Bandit  =>Shadower 

Pirate        =>Brawler            =>Marauder       =>Buccaneer 

    =>Gunslinger       =>Outlaw           =>Corsair 

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