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No one can control magic as well as a Mage. Their magical affinity allows them to control both the arcane and the elements to hurl magical death at their enemies, lock their foes down with magical binds, or summon forth relief during respite for their allies. If you’re looking for something that can deal a good bit of damage from afar but isn’t limited to just that than the Mage is for you.

This ranged DPS and utility class focuses mostly on ranged singletarget and area of effect spells with fire, ice, or arcane buy wow goldmagic. They offer high levels of utility (especially at later levels) with their various utility spells like Polymorph which can turn an enemy into a critter removing them from battle. They can also summon food and water, steal the spells of their enemies, lock their enemies&rsquo,buy wow gold; magical abilities down, and have the option of summoning a temporary pet to aid them in battle. There is a lot more than just hurling fiery death at enemies to explore for the Mage.


The Mage is much like the proverbial glass cannon. They have some of the highest damage output in the game and contain many necessary abilities that high level raiding absolutely needs. If anything needs to be AoE’d down then a Mage is the one you’d want to call. To balance this out they have little defense like the rest of the casters. They’re restricted to cloth armor only and rely on their magic to beef up their defense and help them gain distance. Not only that, but their damage is restricted to a resource known as mana which means they need mana in order to do damage,cheap wow gold, defend themselves, and provide the much needed utility that groups need. Overall the Mage is a very fun and exciting class with a lot of flexibility that really shines to someone who likes to fight from a distance.

Mage Strengths

Capable of doing massive damage from afar. Strong single target damage and insane amounts of AoE damage.
Can open portals to every major city in the game greatly saving on travel time.
Food and water summoning abilities can save money and downtime with free food and water for themselves and the group.
Utility spells like Polymorph, Spellsteal, Counterspell, and Remove Curse are requirements for high leveling raiding and a great asset in smaller groups. Highly desired in most group configurations.

Mage Weaknesses

Very low defense. Relies on magical abilities and distance to protect them.
Mana dependent. Without mana the Mage is incapable of doing anything.
Certain debuffs that lower casting speed or apply a silence affect can hinder a Mage severely.
Can be slow to level.

PvE vs. PvP

The Mage is highly desired in both PvE and PvP play. In PvE the Mage supplies many highly needed crowd control abilities that no other class has access too along with a very high amount of damage. Even solo they’re a powerful force being able to often slay their enemies before even reaching the Mage’s fringe on their robes.

In PvP the Mage offers the ugg boots greatest asset of all which is crowd control. Many Arena games are decided by how fast Mages can get their Polymorph spells off and in the battlegrounds you won’t find a better source of AoE damage than the Mage. They do have issues with defense, but with abilities like Frost Nova, Cone of Cold, Ice Block, and Blink they’re able to escape many situations unscathed.

Defining Spells and Abilities

Mages utilize a large toolbox of options in order to destroy their enemies and aid their allies. The abilities are split up into three categories: direct damage, area of effect, and utility. Direct damage is comprised mainly of burst damage spells like Fireball, Frostbolt, and Arcane Missiles. Area of Affect includes Arcane Explosion, Blizzard, and Frost Nova. Finally, utility includes Polymorph, Spellsteal, Counterspell, and Summon Food and Water.

The most prominent direct damage abilities that they have is their main damage spells, Fireball and Frostbolt. These two abilities are the primary source of damage and provide additional affects such as a DoT with Fireball and a snare with Frostbolt. At higher levels they can get Frostfire Bolt which allows them to mix the elements into one attack.

Blizzard often claims their specialty is within the area of effect damage spells and Mages are loaded with them. You have Arcane Explosion which is an instant PBAoE ability (damages around the caster), Frost Nova which roots all enemies around the Mage, Blizzard which is a ground targeted channeled AoE ability, and Flamestrike which is like Frost Nova but does massive damage and only snares.

For utility spells you can find abilities like Polymorph which can transform. any enemy into a cuddly critter (usually a sheep, but other options are available at higher levels) effectively taking them out of battle. This ability is important maple story mesos for both PvE and PvP by decreasing the effective amount of active combatants in battle putting the numbers in favor for your side. Other abilities like Spellsteal will allow you to steal an enemy’s spell for a short duration and Counterspell which can silence the enemy. Conjure Food and Water can summon refreshments for the Mage and its allies.

They also have some very fun spells in their toolbox. Mirror Image will summon multiple copies of the Mage to fight in battle. Invisibility will allow the Mage to phase out of reality for a short distance. Summon Water Elemental can summon a temporary Water Elemental to fight. Not only that but they also have many unique defensive spells like Ice Barrier and Ice Block which directly absorb damage.
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