Leveling guide skills in MapleStory

That as follows:
-Level(10-15)- Look at those slimes,they are so overjoyed,they are bouncing with happiness!Well,that

Can not be right,so Let is terminate their happiness with your speedy knife of death,and the best place to

do so is the Slime Tree.Which is located 2 portals west of Ellinia,and It is the farthest tree on the west

side.Spamming Double Stab is not suggested here since it wont be necessary,unless you feel like

throwing money into the wind or something.Henesys Party Quest is a good option.

-Level(16-19)- All rich bandits can now unleash instant death upon pigs now,so go do so at Pig

Beach.While their poorer brethren can also train there,you wont make much profit,so stay at

slimes.Mushroom Garden is also a very good training area.You can also train at HPQ which gives

1.6k exp per game for an easier time.

-Level(20-24)- Now,all rich ,poor or bandits,can enjoy the shower of sun rays at Pig Beach also you

can start party questing at kerning,but I suggest not to start that until around level 24.Double Stab

spamming bandits will find their 1 hit KO rate much higher with a better weapon.Poorer bandits will

have to rely on what they find for a while.If you want to KPQ then you should go around level 25 if

you want some good damage or a little earlier if you are funded.Also,if you can 2 hit KO a Horny

Mushroom,training in the dungeon will be fast exp if you can find an unpopulated area.

-Level(25-29)- At this point,all bandits should have maxed Double Stab.If you want you can start

party questing in kerning,as you are level 24 which is a good level for party quest in kerning.Or if

your wallet is happy enough,go murder green mushrooms with Double Stab,and pray to Maple God

a pan lid drops.If your wallet is mad at you,either ignore it partially and go normal attack frenzy with

Green Mushrooms,or treat it with a few days at Jr Sentinels,which will surely make it happy.If want

to burn pots go to the mini-dungeon in Ant Tunnel II where you will find the exp is great.

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