Level 11-20

-Maya And The Wierd Medicine-

:Description: Maya has caught a strange sickness and Can not be cured of it for
              some odd reason. You find her in her house in Henesys and she
              asks you to go and find a cure. Being the great nice person that
              you are you go on your way to find the cure. She leaves you with
              a hint that you should talk to Teo in Lith Harbour. After talking
              to Teo in Lith you find out that he has what can cure Maya but he
              needs something first. This something can only be made by Sophia
              in Perion is potion shop who tells you to speak to Manji the man
              on top of a mountain in Perion. He asks you to get him a few
              things. He needs 20 octopus legs, obtained from the octopuses
              near Kerning city, 40 charms of the undead, these can be obtained
              from undead mushrooms in the Ant tunnel, and 50 squishy liquids,
              which are obtained from slimes almost everywhere. After getting
              all these things go back to Manji then go back to Sophia then go
              back to Teo then finally go back to Maya.

:Objective: Get Maya the "strange medicine" and make her feel better!

:Location: Henesys

:Items Needed: 20 Octopuses Legs, 40 Charms of the undead, 50 squishy liquids.

:Special Requirements: Level 15, Beginners not aloud

:Rewards: 5000 Mesos, Level 25 Brown Bamboo hat, 200 EXP

:Worth Doing: The hat is not really the greatest prize in the world but at your
              level the exp would be nice. You Can not really handle Undead Mushy
              in the Ant tunnel so you are going to have to get some one to get
              them for you or buy some, they should be cheap.

-Luke The Security Guy-

Description: Luke is stuck with guard duty and is upset that he will miss his
             annually scheduled health meal with his mother (awwww is not that
             sweet, you all could learn a thing or two from him :P ). Since
             you are there he figures to ask you to go and get him what he needs
             so he can then take time off to go visit mommy (such a good boy).
             Well he needs you to get him 10 stirges wings, 100 Jr. Necki skins
             and a salad. Stirges wings and the salad are found in the ant ---
             tunnel but far in so You d die

:Objective: Help make dinner for mommy!

:Location: Henesys dungeon route

:Items Needed: 10 Stirge is wings, 100 Jr. Necki Skins, and 1 very yummy Salad.

:Special Requirements: Level 15, beginners not aloud

:Rewards: 1 refined ore of any type except Black Crystal, 300 EXP

:Worth Doing: Not till your able to one hit KO Jr. Neckis which wont be for a
              long long long long (I can do this all day) long long time.

-Johns Pink Flower Basket-

:Description: John is making a flower basket for his wife (yes you should feel
              guilty!). But he Can not get to the kind that he needs for the nice
              basket he plans on making. So he asks you to head deep into the
              center of the island to the town of Sleepywood. Here you can find
              a statue well talk to it and you will be sucked into another area
              Guess what...Its jumping quest time. This quest requires your
              skills as a Maple Story Player and also real life dexterity! The
              quest does not take long but you may have to repeat it if you do
              not get enough flowers the first time. If you Do not get enough
              the first run you must go back to John before you can go in again

:Objective: Help John be Romantic and get his flowers.

:Location: Lith Harbour, SleepyWood

:Items Needed: 10 pink violas

:Special Requirements: Level 15

:Rewards: 30 screws and some exp when you bring back the flowers.

:Worth Doing: Its an easy quest with no monsters involved what do you think.

-Nella and Kerning City Citizens Request-

:Description: Nella the, the town information thingy, has several requests from
              people lined up for you to do. The first time you talk to her she
              will ask for 1000 mesos and in return she will look for requests
              from the citizens for Kerning city. To get the requests you have
              to keep talking to her. Sometimes you get them quickly sometimes

              Request number 1: You need to get 50 Green Mushroom Tops and
                                50 bubblings huge bubbles.
              Request number 2: Now you need 5 refined wood, 5 screws
              Request number 3: 100 Octopuses legs, 1 pure water

:Objective: Help out the peeps of Kerning

:Location: Kerning city

:Items Needed: 50 green mushroom tops, 50 bubblings huge bubbles, 5 refined
               wood, 5 screws, 100 Octopus legs, 1 pure water

:Special Requirements: Level 15, Beginners not aloud

:Rewards: Request number 1: 100 EXP, 50 lemons
          Request number 2: 200 EXP, 100 cakes
          Request number 3: 300 EXP, Level 20 Glove

:Worth Doing: The level 20 glove is nice so if you feel up to it go ahead and
              take a shot.

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