Key words in MapleStory

Hello, guys, I occasionally this key words in MapleStory, so I extracted it and would like to share with you, hope this will draw your attenion and give you some help


1. Rushing

Rushing has been eliminated from a fully completed pq. Since another party can enter during bonus, you Can not rush. There are 2 possible ways to rush. First way  is send 3 members out to save names o people incase you miss.This also might eliminate some parties tracks. Then when they least expect it, have your leader exit and try to clik again alot and try to get back in.


2. Time

One hour will be give to you complete the Ludi part quest, so it will also take longer to do so. This is more than enough time because an average pq just need about 30~40 minutes. XD


3. Tracking

Remmber or record names from previous tracks is the best and most effective way. Also, take screenshots and later /find each person in it. After about a week after you start pqing alot, you might be able to get a track off the top of your head.


4. Being Leader

Being The leader of a pq takes alot of responsibility. You have to be able to click very fast to get your party in the party quest. Then you have to be very experienced in pq to know what and what not to do/make your members do. You are also responsible for getting the right type of members, like choosing  a cleric over a wizard. When you are in pq you must keep your party cooperating and not fighting for spots and such.



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