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Jewelcrafting is a primary skill, meaning that it counts towards your two profession limit. Keep this in mind when you take up Jewelcrafting, as unlearning it to take up another profession will reset your knowledge of Jewelcrafting to zero should you choose to pick it up again.

Jewelcrafting is a production tradeskill, meaning that it takes unrefined items gathered from the world (gems, stone, ls) and world of warcraft gold turns them into refined items (refined gems, necklaces, figurines, etc.). To get the most out of Jewelcrafting you will have to take up Mining.

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Getting Started

To begin, seek out a <Journeyman Jewelcrafter> in order to learn the profession. The best locations to find one would the Exodar (for the Alliance) and Silvermoon City (for the Horde), both requiring the expansion. When you arrive at the city, simply speak with a guard and ask where the Jewelcrafting profession trainer is located and they will mark your map.

Once you have found a trainer, interact with them (right click) and choose to train Apprentice Jewelcrafting.  Congratulations! You are officially a Jewelcrafting! I highly suggest taking up Mining at the same time as you will need it to prospect gems from ore and to gather materials necessary to create items with Jewelcrafting.

Any class and race can pick up Jewelcrafting and gain a benefit, although certain ranks require certain levels. Not only that, but to obtain the final rank (Master) one must venture into Outland which requires a character of at least level 58.

Any character of any class or race can pick up Journeyman Jewelcrafting as long as their account is "The Burning Crusade" enabled. To advance past that you will have to have the required level. The last level, Master, currently is available to level 50 players but the only known trainers are in Outland (requiring level 58).

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