how to make easy money in maplestory

= Why is money important on Maplestory? Like in every other game and in real
lifeit buys many many things. Short and Sweet. The more you have the better.

= Simply put, you buy things. You can buy anything. Potions, quest items,
scrolls, weapons, armor, andanything else that people want to sell. The most
widely distributed items are ores, scrolls, and throwing stars that you can
acquire from monsters, but this guide is geared towards selling the PQ

= To PQ yo must be at least lvl 21-30. If you Do not meet the lvl requires
one of your class guides to help you find out where you lvl. Those are also
found on You should only pq at lvl 26-30.Once you hit 31
you Can not pq anymore so heres how we settle this problem. If you dont have
cash you need now, then wait. Do PQs early in the morning or late at night
when less ppl are on. If your impatient then Do not use this strategy to gain

= When you pq you get exp. When your lvl 30 and you need money this is a bad
thing. So heres how this works. IF you are about to lvl simply go kill your-
self to drop your exp amount. Easy and you only lose exp. Sound dumb? It
is not. By killing yourself you are able to do more and more PQs thus
ing your amount of rewards.(To find out the rewards view a PQ guide). Once
you have completed a PQ and you get your reward do not vendor it. Even the
are good. Example: you have done a PQ and you hit 90% at lvl 30. Kill yourself
to drop back to 80% and reenter.You got 8 steel ores. Everyone says black
but to you, ANYTHING IS VALUABLE. Take those 8 steel ores with pride and joy
because thats an easy 16k. Sell the ores for 2k ea no matter what kind
diamond, black crystal,and gold ores. Those are rare and can be sold for
Keep repeating this process for more and more items.Vendor ALL THE ERRINGS
GET, and ALL THE UNAGIS(unless you want them), and keep everything else for
selling. So now that you have dropped your exp again to a lower amount go do
some more PQ. Congratulations on completing this oneand this time you have
gotten a nice Dex for Glove scroll. What a beauty that is. Depending on the
world you are on the price varies. On Khaini those 10% dex scrolls go for
Ask for no more than that, but you can go less. You have an unlimited time
to get more. We well discuss the way to sell the scrolls later. If your party
continually gets in do not go and sell immediately.

TIP*** Since you have to kill yourself find a party with a good AC and ppl
Do not mind you killing yourself for a good cause. Your Friends mostly or
some ppl youve pqed with before and would like to PQ with again.

Now We well move on to selling.

Attention** Product wants and needs differ for different worlds. I only know
Khaini pricing. Now you have those ores and that dex scroll.(I only mention
dex scrolls cause those are the ones you want to sell) The fastest way, but
the most annoying is to enter the Free Market CC 1. IT IS PACKED WITH
If your computer lags do not use this method of selling.

=Method #1 Shout and Trade=
Simple type in this exactly the way posted:
SELLING DEX [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@(as many of the @ you can fit)
Then shout that. Press the up arrow key and press backspace once so you get
a different number of @ symbols. Shout that. Do that again and now you
have 3 different lines. Just press up or down to choose between your differ-
ent lines, but do not keep shouting the same line. A box comes up that says
"Repeating the Same line over and over may interfere with others gameplay"
Eventually anotehr box comes up that says "Chatting too much may interefere
with others gameplay" so just click out of it or shotu less often.
a person will trade you so find a spot where they can get their cursor over

TIP** Do not immediately tell them 1mil when they ask always be kind and ask
for their oppinion.
**In most cases some people will say a very low number like 300k and argue
that it is only a 10% scroll. Do not sell to these ppl.
**A bigger fish will take the bait. There are dex scroll fanatics that take
anything for an easy 1mil. If they jump to anywhere between
**750k - anything higher give them the scroll for that amount. from
TIP#2** THE BEST WAY TO HAGGLE: If they say 500k jump yours to a much higher
amount. This is called the price range.
Tell the person to haggle with you because if you dont then they well leave
the trade in a furious rage.
We well do an example
SALLY opens a trade with TOM
SALLY says" 500k"
TOM says " Haggle with me"
SALLY says" W/e"
TOM says " 1mil"(to start the price range)
SALLY wants the lowest price possible and says"550k"
TOM says" 750k" this time going lower to keep the customer enticed to set
another price range
SALLY says, still wanting the lowest price "650k"
TOM still needs more but Do not be greedy so only shoot for a little more
"700k final"
If the customer takes it congratulations, but sally is a dissatisfied cons-
SALLY says,"No. I want 650k"
If you think your a better salesman you can do better push for the 700k
If the customer continues with the no and is still in the trade without
storming off take their price.
If you are a good salesman and know you can do better, screw them and
reply,"No sry i need more" and leave the trade.
When the person comes back, occasionally they will realizing that you left
them a good deal, they well take the price
REMEMBER even at lvl 30 700k is a good amount to begin with.

=Method #2 If your computer lags=
Head to CC 1 still but dont go to Free Market.
On Khaini the best places to sell are, The Entrance to Heneys, or Kerning PQ
area, but in most cases you well still lag in the PQ area.
You sold that scroll so now We well sell the ores. You yourself do not shout
anything about your product in this situation. WAIT.
The ppl shopping for low grade items or even scrolls will shout to you and
have their own price. Normally they want a plate of 10 ores.
ALL ORES except the ones mentioned before go for 2k ea. If the customer is
disgruntled by the price(usually low lvl characters) 1.5k is the price.
Now you think thats such a small amount!
IT is not.

You have 64 steel ores to sell(and ive had 68 mithrils to sell before)
Someone wants 8
64 - 8 leaves you with 56 ores left
at a going rate of 2K ea

8 * 2k = 16,000 off of that one bundle.

Someone asks for 20 ores.

56 - 20 leaves you with 36 ores left
at a going rate of 2k ea

20 * 2k = 40,000 and the person does not realize they have spent that much,
but what do you care.

Total so far
40,000 + 16,000 = 56,000 Mesos.

To finish off this chain of math
the last customer wants all your ores.

36 * 2k = 62,000 - (62,000 * tax .05%)(tax can be more) = 58,900 MESOS

You;ve just made a total of 114900 MESOS MADE off of ores.

=The steps now are
1. Do a PQ
2. When close to leveling Kill yourself
3. Sell your product using the 2 methods
4. Save or Buy new things with your hard earned money, but in this case
easily won cash. Follow these 4 steps until you feel you are ready to
continue on with your Mapel Career or you just happen to get bored doing.
This way is not for the impatient nor the people who are unentertained
unless by killing monstsers.

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