How to Make a Perfect Assassin in Maple Story

If you are planning on making an assassin in Maple Story, It is very important to get the ability and skill points correct by reading Maple Story guides and FAQ is. The closer to perfect your character is, the higher your damage will be. This Maple Story guide will tell you what you need to know in order to get your character started.

Assassins are great characters. They are fun to play, do massive damage later on in the game, and have awesome skills and gear.

When you create your character, It is important to roll your dice until you have 4 in both STR and INT. It might take an hour of rolling the dice, but it will be well worth it. When you have successfully created your Maple story character, you need to know where to put your ability points every time you level.

Before level 10 you should focus on getting your DEX to 25, and then put the rest in LUK. When you reach level 10, you must go to the boat and head off to Kerning at Victoria Island where you will become a thief.

After level 10, your ability points are straightforward. Do five points in LUK for three levels, and then do five points in DEX for two levels. Keep going like this up until level 50.

In Maple Story there are skill points as well. As an assassins you well have no use of Double Stab, so never put any points in it. The best build will at level 30 have maxed everything except Double Stab and Disorder.

Since assassins are hard to train at first, leveling should be made as easy as possible. You Can not expect to make much money, but be patient and it will come when you reach higher levels.

The first thing should be to put 3 points into Nimble Body, and then max Keen Eye. Put then 2 points in Nimble Body and start on maxing your Lucky Seven. After Lucky Seven is maxed you should max Nimble Body, then Max Dark Sight and put the last 3 points in Disorder.

If you follow this build you will have a great thief by level 30, when you are ready to take the second job advancement.

Assassins are very popular characters in Maple Story, but many maplers give up on them early in the game. Keep playing, and Do not worry if you are damage is less than other professions. Soon you well outdo almost every other class.

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