How to level up fast in MapleStory


level 10:
Start training at Henesys Hunting Ground for a bit, probably snails and slimes. Try party ing

with someone that will help you, and Do not loot off of them, have them do it for you, that is

basically stealing .
If you get bored at the HHG, then go to the slime tree in Ellinia and train there, since you get

10 exp from slimes, if you even have NX get the dbl exp card, and level faster (Recommend

you to buy MapleSTory power leveling from Goldceo).You can also do Henesys PQ as well. If

you get bored with all these things, then rest for a bit because you probably played too much,

then come back later.
Also doing all the quest available to you helps you lvl faster as well, but if you get them done

before the lvl 15 quests are available then kill some slimes.

Level 21:
You probably want to do KPQ up to 30, from 30 get your 2nd job, and from 30-50 do the

CPQ all the way, It is very easy to level here.
The only thing you Do not gain here is meso is, and you Do not lose exp when you die either.
I would suggest doing a Trade Win (basically each team takes turn winning, this way you can

lvl way faster), after lvl 40 you can do either a trade win, or just normal cpq. Oh when you are

at lvl 30, you probably want to find a good friend that will help you because at 30, you are

weak and mostly are miss is so you want to get some higher lvl then you to help you out.

From 51-70:
I would recommend LMPQ, you get good items and you can sell, them and you can make

meso is easily, if you play all day on LMPQ you can make over 1 mill meso is.
Then at 70, get your third job, and just train until you get to lvl 71, and from there you can do

the Megatia PQ.

I hope I could do something usefull for you. If you have any quesiton else, just post here, I will

try my best to give you a hand. Good luck

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