How to Get From Level 1-30 Within a Week in MapleStory

People think it is long work and is frustrating, but once you get to level 30 its from tile one all over again.

I will be giving a guide on how to get to level 1 to 30 within a week (unless you are TRULY lazy or only sell things on your character and Do not like to get social...).

people think it is long work and is frustrating, but once you get to level 30 its from tile one ALL again.

so lets get to it (This guide is not very long)

1-10: maple island quest and monsters (No duh, unless u decide to be a magician, then its untill level 8)

8/10-15: get to whatever place your job advancement is (magicians its 8 for you) get your job, and do your job quests. when in between (done your job quest for your level and not yet leveled) entertain yourself to what the common creature/monster your place has (perion- stumps, kerning-stumps again, lucky bowman have slimes, snails, orange mushrooms and magicians can have their slimes). But if you Do not want to do that and get free potions, by all means go to henesys and get your nice 1600 exp.

15-20/23/25: Henesys Party Quest or stay were u are and train to your heats delight. thieves and i think bowmen should stop h p q at 20 and go kerning party quest, magician need to get stronger till 23 or maybe 20, still OK. BUT, warriors, well, youmust endure another 5 levels at henesys party quest, or your going to get those four colourful letters that spell miss alot when your fighting those alligator guys unless you have Dex equips or Dex scrolled equips.

20/23/25-30: Kerning Party Quest!!!!. yes, time to get your first 1mill if your not funded SELL YOUR SCROLLS!), but then it wouldnot be your 1st now, would it? OK. you can do this thing till your level 30 (what i did) but it will take a long time. or you can do the continuous daily grind of monsters like green mushrooms and Jr. wraiths at 25+, wouldnot recommend for ranged people because they are a bit fast and can come in mobs AND YOU Do not HAVE A MOBBING MOVE UNLESS YOUR A PIRATE OR WARRIOR!!!! so yes.

LEVEL 30: so... this is it.

go back to your job instructor and he will say some dialogue and tell you were to go (go to other guides for that info) then go there, talk to the guy there, kill the monsters in the map and collect 30 dark marbles, talk to the guy in there, get the proof of the hero from the guy, go back to your instructor, choose your second job and there! Your level 30 at your second job!

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