How to Do the Ludibrium PQ of Maple Story

Maple Story is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game set in a fantasy world where players fight mystical monsters to gain experience points and valuable treasure. One of the fastest ways to do this is by party quests. The Ludibrium party quest in Maple Story is for a group of six people who must fight through stages and beat the last boss to earn prizes.
Step 1Kill black-and-white mice in Stage 1. Collect all the passes and give them to the leader who speaks to the balloon non-player character. Let only one person go into the next stage for now.

Step 2Wait for your team member to teleport to the second stage and yell out "Clear." Enter Stage 2 and open all the boxes to collect passes, which you must give to the leader to go on to the next stage.

Step 3Defeat purple block monsters in Stage 3 to gather their passes, then give them to the leader so the group can leave the stage.

Step 4Enter inside each portal in Stage 4 to kill the eye monsters and collect their passes. The first three rooms of Stage 4 have beasts that are weak against physical attacks, while the last two rooms have monsters that succumb to magic.

Step 5Get all the passes in Stage 5. Portal 1 needs a mage with the Teleport spell, while Portal 6 needs a thief with the Dark Sight skill. Proceed to Stage 6 and press up to shift yourself from box to box until you reach the top.

Step 6Beat the mini-boss of Stage 7 and a portal will open once he is defeated. Solve the puzzle in Stage 8 by rotating each member on the numbered boxes until you find the right combination and the doorway to the boss opens.

Step 7Hit the mouse in the last stage to summon the boss. Kill the boss of Ludibrium to go to the bonus stage.

Step 8Open as many presents as you can. Collect all the items and cash that pop out of the boxes. When the minute timer runs out, you are forced to exit the stage and complete the Maple Story Ludibrium Party Quest.

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