Hermit Training Guide for Level 71-90 in Maplestory

Level 71-80: Stay on STD is or Zombies and even H/Voodoos Would be great. Maybe team up on Werewolfs, do not use Avenger on Werewolves, being swarmed with attacks that do up to 20% of your HP(MapleStory Mesos) is least thing you would want, until you max out avenger do not go for anything stronger than you are.

At level 77- 78 in Maplestory: you can head to Death Teddies, if your shadow partner in level 21 or if you have been only putting points into Shadow Partner, since at that point it will last for 3 minutes which are godly experience, but get over 1000 damage physical and around 1400 damage with their magic attack.

Level(Maplestory powerleveling) 81-90: This period of time is known as Assassin hell due to the fact that at these levels monsters are hard to train on for the experience they give, and the fact that you will be spending millions for just a couple levels. Try to team up with a Fighter and take on Lycanthropes that is what we did, you might have your own idea. So follow this Maplestory guide at your own risk/will, or head over to Death Teddies.

Go to Ludi, enter toy factory, keep going down until you reach a map, then go in the portal on the right. Go through two maps, filled with soul teddies first and master soul teddies and the second filled with clocks and dark clocks, then you will be at our personal favorite map for Death Teddies.



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