Guide for the Bandit-Sin

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I. Updates
II. Introduction/Maple Island
III. Beginning your Adventure/Maple Island

IV. First Job Adv.
V. 1st Job Skills
VI. Clothes/Weapons
VII. Training Locations

VIII. Second Job Adv.
IX. 2nd Job Skills
X. Clothes/Weapons
XI. Training Locations

XII. Third Job Adv.
XIII. 3rd Job Skills
IXV. Clothes/Weapons
XV. Training Locations

xVI. Money Making Tips.

I. Updates

5/31/07: Creation of guide.

II. Introduction/Maple Island

Bandits are becoming more and more popular these days, and I was tired of
seeing guides that just didnot have what I was looking for. So now, I have
made one of my own and hope it does well.
First off, Bandits need A LOT of money. Which is a huge problem for most
people. And Bandit-sins may be awesome at first, but they need more money
than pure bandits. It is a good thing that we get a great skill called
Pick Pocket (see 3rd job skills for details)! Only problem is, it does not
come untill lvl 70.
So, I have devised my own devious plan to make good money, and still have
extra to gloat about.
OH YA! I almost forgot, if you ever see a * anywhere, that means if you are
having trouble finding the place, go too
for help.

III. Beginning your Adventure/Maple Island

First off, we need to make your character.
These are what you must have for a CB-sin.

STR: 4/5 (at MOST 5)
DEX: XX (anything)
INT: 4/5 (at MOST 5)
LUK: XX (anything)

Theifs and Mages do really low damage untill 1st job, so listen carefully.
Everytime you lvl, put ALL of your stats into DEX untill It is reached 25.
Then insert everything else into LUK. (Later I learned that just sticking at
26 works just as well.)

Now I will explain the easiest build for lvl 1-7, skill wise. But do what
YOU see fit.

LVL 2: +1 Three Snails; 1 (Throws snails shells at enemy; throws green)
LVL 3: +1 Three Snails; 2 (Currently throws Blue)
LVL 4: +1 Recovery; 2 (Heals at rapid speed, 10 minuet cooldown)
LVL 5: +1 Recovery; 2
LVL 6: +1 Nimble Feet; 1 (increases speed, 15 minuet cooldown)
LVL 7: +1 Nimble Feet; 2

Here I well show you were the best locations to train from lvls 1-10

LVL 1-5: Snail Hunting Ground I
LVL 6-7: Snail Hunting Ground II
LVL 8-10: Mushroom Garden*

IV. First Job Adv.

Now, in order to take your 1st Job Adv., you must return to Southperry and
talk to someone named Shanks (Note: be sure to have at least 150 mesos by now).
Now you are in AN ENTIRLY NEW ISLAND, called Victory (you well learn many new
islands later). Before you go to Kerning City to take your Job Adv., look for
someone named Olaf, take his quiz AND take his quest; BE SURE TO TAKE PATH OF
Now, head back to the far left side of the map and talk to someone named Phil
and get a ticket (80-120 mesos) to KERNING CITY. From here, walk into the Cafe*
and talk to the Dark Lord (cool name, huh?)... HURRAY FOR.. Rouge? Well...
you are just beginning your journey to a Bandit.
Now this is where the fun begins.

V. 1st Job Skills

This is where I explain what to put your skills into (most people also place
that whole 2 pages worth of boring stuff like what they do... but you have
the skills on your page! You should be able to figure it out.)

Remember, this is for BANDIT-SINs.. so no whining.

LVL 10: +1 Lucky Seven; 1 (Throws two stars, and does more damage.)
LVL 11: +2 Lucky Seven; 3 / +1 Nimble Body; 1 (increases accuracy and avoid.)
LVL 12: +2 Nimble Body; 3 / +1 Keen Eyes; 1 (Increase range for stars)
LVL 13: +3 Keen Eyes; 4
LVL 14: +3 Keen Eyes: 7
LVL 15: +1 Keen Eyes: MAXED / +2 Lucky Seven; 5
LVL 16: +3 Nimble Body; 4
LVL 17: +3 Nimble Body; 7
LVL 18: +3 Nimble Body; 10
LVL 19: +3 Nimble Body; 13
LVL 20: +3 Nimble Body: 16
LVL 21: +3 Nimble Body: 19
LVL 22: +1 Nimble Body; MAXED / +2 Lucky Seven; 7
LVL 23: +3 Lucky Seven; 10
LVL 24: +3 Lucky Sevem; 13
LVL 25: +3 Lucky Seven; 16
LVL 26: +3 Lucky Seven; 19
LVL 27: +1 Lucky Seven; MAXED / +2 Disorder; 2 (decreases Weapon Deffense)
LVL 28: +1 Disorder; 3 / +2 Dark Sight; 2 (makes all PHYSICAL attacks void)
LVL 29: +3 Dark Sight; 5
LVL 30: +3 Dark Sight: 8

VI. Clothes/Weapons

Well, I am going to do two section later on: funded and non-funded.
But this is what I have so far.

LVL 10: Keep your "noob" gear, buy the Granier and use Subi.
LVL 15: Buy the Top and Bottom, buy Gomushin and stick with Granier
Scroll it even if you want*.
LVL 20: Buy the WHOLE lvl 20 outfit, get the Igor or make a +7 (100%)
Granier. Or just save your money for now.
LVL 25: Stick with the lvl 25 gear, get a Meba a scroll it +7 if you
DID NOT get a Igor OR +7 Granier. Use Kumbi if you can. At
level 26 buy the Whitebottom shoes in Henesys.
LVL 30: Stick with lvl 20 or 25 gear. GET a +7 Meba, and GET Kumbi.

VII. Training Locations

In this section I well explain where to train for 1st Job.

LVL 10-13: Slime Tree.
LVL 14-16: Slime Tree if you like it. Mushrooms*.
LVL 17-22: Green Mushrooms. Pig Beach*.
LVL 23-25: Pig Beach if you like it. Horned Mushrooms. Kerning PQ*.
LVL 26-30: Kerning PQ. Wild Boar*.

VIII. Second Job Adv.

CONGRADULATIONS! You finally made it to lvl 30 and are ready to take on the
next challenge. Do not get too excited becuase now you have to fight monsters
you may not have seen before to get 2nd Job and be a Bandit.

Go back to Kerning and talk to the Dark Lord. He will give you a letter to
take to the Theif Job Instructor. Now head to Construction Site North of
Kerning City and find the job instructor there.
He will take you to a room full of Blue Mushroom and Cold Eye. Gather 30 of
the Dark Marbles they drop and talk to the job instructor again.
Now return to Dark Lord and give him the signed letter.

HURRAY FOR BANDIT-NESS! Now go ahead a gloat to your friends. you have Earned it.

IX. 2nd Job Skills

Well, Here is the list of your add ons for 2nd job.

LVL 30: +1 Savage Blow; 1 (attacks with large damage)
LVL 31: +3 Savage Blow; 4
LVL 32: +3 Savage Blow; 7
LvL 33: +3 Savage Blow; 10
LVL 34: +3 Savage Blow; 13
LVL 35: +3 Savage Blow; 16
LVL 36: +3 Savage Blow; 19
LVL 37: +3 Savage Blow; 22
LVL 38: +3 Savage Blow; 25
LVL 39: +3 Savage Blow; 28
LVL 40: +2 Savage Blow; MAXED / +1 Dagger Mastery; 1 (increses minimal damage)
LVL 41: +3 Dagger Mastery; 4
LVL 42: +1 Dagger Mastery; 5 / +2 Haste; 2 (increases speed and jump)
LVL 43: +3 Haste; 5
LVL 44: +3 Haste; 8
LVL 45: +3 Haste; 11
LVL 46: +3 Dagger Mastery; 8
LVL 47: +3 Dagger Mastery; 11
LVL 48: +3 Dagger Mastery; 14
LVL 49: +3 Dagger Mastery; 17
LVL 50: +3 Dagger Mastery; MAXED
LVL 51: +3 Dagger Booster; 3 (increases attacking speed)
LVL 52: +3 Dagger Booster; 6
LVL 53: +3 Dagger Booster; 9
LVL 54: +3 Dagger Booster; 12
LVL 55: +3 Dagger Booster; 15
LVL 56: +3 Dagger Booster; 18
LVL 57: +2 Dagger Booster; MAXED / +1 Haste; 12
LVL 58: +3 Haste; 15
LVL 59: +3 Haste; 18
LVL 60: +2 Haste; MAXED / +1 Endure; 1 (increase amount of HP and MP gained)
LVL 61: +3 Endure; 4
LVL 62: +3 Endure; 7
LVL 63: +3 Endure; 10
LVL 64: +3 Endure; 13
LVL 65: +3 Endure: 16
LVL 66: +3 Endure: 19
LVL 67: +1 Endure; MAXED / +2 Steal; 2 (steals an item from monsters, may fail)
LVL 68: +3 Steal; 5
LVL 69: +3 Steal; 8
LVL 70: +3 Steal; 11

X. Clothes/Weapons

Well, here we go again (lol)

LVL 30: Stick with lvl 20 or 25 gear. GET a +7 Meba, and GET Kumbi.
LVL 35: Get the lvl 35 gear. Keep the Meba and Kumbi.
LVL 40: You CAN stay with lvl 35 gear, but at least buy a Dark Pilfer.
WOO HOO!! You can finally kiss Claws good bye and use daggers now.
Since you have maxed Savage Blow anyway. Do not get the lvl 40 dagger
Get a really good K-fan from Fire Boar,
LVL 50: If you didnot get lvl 40 gear, get lvl 50. Get a 63+ attk Shinkta from
Zombie Lupin, if you can.
LVL 60: DO THE QUEST THAT GIVES YOU LVL 60 GEAR. It is fun, and It is quick.
Get a Cleric or someone to help you get the Tourosmacis horns.
Check Hidden-Street on what drops Ancient Scroll. Get a geta
with 83 wep attk if you can. (Note: Geta is also Deadly Fin)
LVL 70: THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED. It is not much better than lvl 60 gear,
It is hard to get from drop, and It is MAJOR expensive. Keep the
Geta, or get one if you have not all ready. At least get the blood hat.

XI. Training Locations

Now We are talking powerful.

LVL 30-38: Wild Boar. Fire Boar.
LVL 39-45: Fire Boar. Zombie Lupin. Copper Drakes. Drakes.
LVL 46-53: Zombie Lupin. Jr. Yeti. Dark Stone Gollem. Stone Gollem.
Drakes. Copper Drakes.
LVL 54-60: Jr. Yeti. Forest of Gollem*. Minor Zombies.
LVL 61-70: Forest of Gollem. Minor Zombies. Jr. Yeti.

XII. Third Job Adv.

Well, it seems that you have finally made it to Lvl 70! How does it feel?
But There is no time to waste, make sure a have a Dark Crystal, or 10 Dark
Crystal ores.

Now, make your way to El Nath and talk to the Theif Job Instructor in the
big house. He will tell you to get the Necklace of Strength from Dark Lord.
So return to Kerning and talk to Dark Lord.
In order for him to give you the Necklace of Strength, he wants you to
defeat his clone. Now head to the Swamp of Dispair II* and talk to the
Door of Dimension.
Now head to the only portal here, make sure you ALWAYS keep your health
ABOVE 1k, he does alot of damage and summons Touromacis to back him up.

Once you hav defeated him, talk to the stone and you will be in Kerning
again. Get to Dark Lord and give him the Black Charm. Now you have the
Necklace of Strength, so return to El Nath WITH a Dark Crystal in hand.
Now you must get the Necklace of Wisdom, which is located at Sharp Cliff
II*. (look for the hidden-street called Holy Ground at Snowfield.)
Be sure to have an EXCELLENT knowladge of Maple Story, or hope that
Hidden-street is up and running.

I myself even had trouble answering the questions without Hidden-Street,
and I have played this game since v.16!
If you even get ONE wrong, you well need to find ANOTHER Dark Crystal and
do it over.

Once you have completed this, return to Arec and give him the Necklace of
Wisdom. AWESOME! You made 3rd Job Adv.! Well, now it only gets better from
here on.

XIII. 3rd job Skills

Well, now that you completly OWN any class now, Here is the build I used.
Note: I will add different builds later, but Here is now.

LVL 70: +1 Meso Explosion; 1 (Explode mesos with devistating power)
LVL 71: +2 Meso Explosion; 3 / +1 Pickpocket; 1 (forces enemy to drop mesos)
LVL 72: +2 Assulter; 2 (strikes with great speed) / +1 Meso Explosion; 4
LVL 73: +3 Meso Explosion; 7
LVL 74: +3 Meso Explosion; 10
LVL 75: +3 Meso Explosion; 13
LVL 76: +3 Meso Explosion; 16
LVL 77: +3 Meso Explosion; 19
LVL 78: +3 Meso Explosion; 22
LVL 79: +3 Meso Explosion; 25
LVL 80: +3 Meso Explosion; 28
LVL 81: +2 Meso Explosion; MAXED / +1 Assaulter; 3
LVL 82: +3 Assaulter; 6
LVL 83: +3 Assaulter; 9
LVL 84: +3 Assaulter; 12
LVL 85: +3 Assaulter; 15
LVL 86: +3 Assaulter; 18
LVL 87: +3 Assaulter; 21
LVL 88: +3 Assaulter; 24
LVL 89: +3 Assaulter; 27
LVL 90: +3 Assaulter; MAXED
LVL 91: +3 Pickpocket; 4
LVL 92: +1 Pickpocket; 5 / +2 Chakra; 2 (uses mp to recover hp)
LVL 93: +3 Band of Theives; 3 (summons other "selves" to attack)
LVL 94: +3 Band of Theives; 6
LVL 95: +3 Band of Theives; 9
LVL 96: +3 Band of Theives; 12
LVL 97: +3 Band of Theives; 15
LVL 98: +3 Band of Theives; 18
LVL 99: +3 Band of Theives; 21
LVL 100: +3 Band of Theives; 24
LVL 101: +3 Band of Theives; 27
LVL 102: +3 Band of Theives; MAXED
LVL 103: +3 Pickpocket; 8
LVL 104: +3 Pickpocket; 11
LVL 105: +3 Pickpocket; 14
LVL 106: +3 Pickpocket; 17
LVL 107: +3 Pickpocket; MAXED
LVL 108: +3 Shield Mastery; 3 (increases Weapon Defense with sheild equiped)
LVL 109: +3 Shield Mastery; 6
LVL 110: +3 Shield Mastery; 9
LVL 111: +1 Shield Mastery; 10 / +2 Chakra
LVL 112: +3 Chakra; 5
LVL 113: +3 Chakra; 8
LVL 114: +3 Chakra; 11
LVL 115: +3 Chakra; 14
LVL 116: +3 Chakra; 17
LVL 117: +3 Chakra; 20
LVL 118: +3 Chakra; 23
LVL 119: +3 Chakra; 26
LVL 120: +3 Chakra; 29

IXV. Clothes/Weapons

Here is what I did.

LVL 70: THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED. It is not much better than lvl 60 gear,
It is hard to get from drop, and It is MAJOR expensive. Keep the
Geta, or get one if you have not all ready. At least get the blood hat.
LVL 80: Get the Dark Set, and find a 93 W.ATK, +4 LUK Dragon Tail if you can.
Try and find a good 8 or more W.ATK Work Glove if you can too.
SCROLL Snow shoes for JUMP, 60% ONLY. hope for +5 DEX or better.
LVL 90: Look for a good party to get your Varkit, try and get it avarage.
Sell that, then buy a good scrolled one for a little more, but It is
worth it. You can get the lvl 90 outfit, i wouldnot unless I had NX.
Also, FIND the lvl 90 stuff, you should be able too by now.
LVL 100: N/A I have not seen any lvl 100+ clothes out yet.

XV. Training Locations

You probably Do not need this, but some do so I well stick it up.

LVL 70-76: Touromacis. Tourospears. Soul Teddies.
LVL 77-83: Tourospears. Gobi.
LVL 84-90: Gobi. Dual Ghost Pirates*. Ghost Pirates. Vikings.
Death Teddies. Master Death Teddies.
LVL 91-100: Gobi. Sharks. Cold Sharks. Pianus* (boss).
Vikings. Gigantic Spirit Vikings*.
LVL 101+: Cold Sharks. Pianus (boss). Gigantic Vikings. Zakum*(boss).

XVI. Money Making Tips

Well, ESPECIALLY follow my clothing/weapons guides.
Get NX and buy a store as well. Check hidden-street too see what things
I said you should train off of, and see witch one gives the best drops.
Also, for places like F.o.G. and Touromacis/spears, the longer you train
there, the more likely you are to get a good drop like 60% glove attk
or Golden Hinkle.
As for that, get a mule and put the NX shop on him. Put up shop overnight and
when you go to school, the longer the shop is open, the more likely it is too
I may come up with a few more good ideas later, so be sure to check up
once in a while.

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