Good Warrior Skills in Maplestory


Keep rolling dice until your character has the following stats: Strength 13 and a Dex, Int and Luck of 4. Getting good stats during Character Creation, helps starting warriors become successful. Developing a good warrior requires constant combat and learning your foes. Maple Story offers a lot of non-combat orientated game play. Explore those avenues when you need a break.


Explore the Snail Hunting Grounds 1-3, Split Road, Dangerous Forest and The Tree that Grew. Your fighter will be at least level 12 after he completes these quests.


Increase your character is Strength at each level. Strength is the most important stat for fighters. Train your Warrior to Strength 35. This stat measures how much damage a fighter does to his foes. A warrior is secondary stat is Dex. Warriors need a decent Dex score to hit their foes. Start increasing your warrior is Dex after reaching Strength 35.


Focus on these two skills for your warrior is first 15 levels: Improving HP Recovery and Improving Max HP. Your Warrior takes the first skill for five levels and ten for the second. Choose the skills Power Strike and Slash Blast for your fighter for the next 40 levels.


Choose your warrior is Elite Class. He can become a Fighter, Page or Spearman.

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