Good Equipment in MapleStory

When you hit 26, get a White- bottom Boot from the FM or Henesys in MapleStory, if it is must then scroll it. This adds a bit of speed. Thieves, if you have the money, should get an Attack Workglove. They cost a fortune, but are well worth it. About 50 mil for a 10 atk. Mages and Thieves should try to get a Mystic Shield or Wrist-guard. Starry Bandanas are fun, and add decent defence.


1. Warrior

In MapleStory, you can try Blue or Green Bamboo hats for an easier time. The Dark Master Sergeant is a good idea - it will defintely help strength. The Venon is not THAT great a glove, but It is quite easy to get.


2. Thief

When you hit level 25 Meba is quite important for you.  It throws faster. You can use a Brown Bamboo Hat for better damage.Unless you have to or Do not bother with the Sneak Set.
And here is the reason is: It is fugly. The Mischief is good, Do not bother with the Wolfskin. Of course It is easy to make, but It is not worth it unless you upgrade to dark.

3. Mage

It is best to use whatever equipment for your level (MapleStory powerleveling), Do not bother skipping weapons yet. Right now, the cost is small, so go ahead and buy. The Wizard Staff/Wand identify you as a top- notch pqer and increase your chance to get into a party.


4. Bowman

In this field Bowman is not very exped. The Battle Bow increases chance to get in. Bennis Chainmail is a good idea. Savatas seem abundant in the FM so try and find them. I really Do not know why they are so common, but they just are. If you Can not find one, stick with your Diros. Green Bamboo Hat is the best choice. You can use Blue if you want, but Green seems better.

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