Getting Rich on MapleStory(FAQ)

Q: Getting rich on MapleStory..?
I am play maplestory for about 30 minutes a week since school is back and homework is piling up. And when I am playing, during that time i use my lvl 13 sin on kradia to kill slimes and orange shrooms. I bought a $10 nexon card on my lvl 33 i/l mage in bellocan and that gave me about 19 mil when i used it on gacha and sold it. Right now, I am broke so i Can not afford any cards. Can anyone give any tips other than pick up everything to get more than 5K each week? I told myself i wouldnot buy those cards...but I well probably break that promise when i eventually find another job. Please reply freely.

A: Everyone says kill... kill... kill... What you need to do is:
A.) Get scrolls, I Do not care how... you can do really simple quests to get them... you well get some good ones, and those can sell ranging from bad (2 mil) to good (32 mil)
B.) Wait for in game events that require you getting items. There is usually an ultra rare item, and if you get that (haha... very likely) you can sell it for millions! Two years ago, maplestory is Christmas event wanted us to gather the letters MapleStory from killing monsters, and aple tory were easy to get, but the M and S were hard. I found an M, and from that alone I got 14 mil.... combined, people offered me 25 mil! =)
Right now, I am bored of maplestory, stinkin rich, and yeah.... Hahahahah..... 426 mil... And people, I Do not care if you say, oh, I have a gajillion billion mil! =P

A: Kill monsters to get rare equips and sell them I guess. I make 30k or more on my lvl 33 cleric on Windia just by going to the dungeon and killing zombie mushrooms the whole time in 1 hour. I make a profit even though I spend over 40k on blue pots and junk. I did that and I still Do not have a chaos robe but good money. You can train there too but it might be boring. I only play 2 hours a week before I quit 7 months ago. Still you can get over 70k a week if you do that. and if you get a chaos robe and Do not need it sell it.

A: If you were smart, You d quit MS or try having some fun on it. Making money on a game means nothing. Sooner or later, you well find yourself spending all your time trying to make worthless fake gold

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