Fighting for Mesos

One of the easiest ways to gain Mesos is killing Monsters. There are some key features that you must know and that is that not all Monsters of the same level are created equally. Different Monsters drop more Mesos that others and also have higher percentages to drop rare items.
1. When fighting monsters just for Mesos, fight monsters that are weaker that you do not have to constantly use potions. If you are fighting monsters to level that is a different story, but if you are fighting just for Mesos then the use of positions is going to cut into the amount of money you make from killing the monsters.

2. Always, Always, Always pick up everything you see. Never leave items lying on the ground or Mesos just sitting there. When you are leveling and grinding in a specific area make sure you always pick up all the items and all the Mesos, for every bit counts.

3. If you are in a higher with high levels that are leveling ask them if you can pick up their Mesos, a lot of times they will just be focused on leveling and do not care about the drops, let them know you will not KS them and you just need to earn a little more Mesos for a new piece of armor. Most of the time they will not have a problem with this and let you loot their kills.

4. Train and level in Areas where monstersdrop items that are used for quests. I use to train in the Secret Pig Beach level and Pig heads sell for 5k a piece. So as your leveling you will recieve loads of quest items.

5. Fight in Areas where monsters have high drop rates for rare item dropping that can then be sold for hundreds of thousands of mesos if not millions.

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