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Final Fantasy XI, or FFXI, is a very popular massively-multiplayer online role-playing game that is well-known for its complexity. The currency used in the game is called Gil and contributes highly towards character-development and progress. As opposed to newer games where basically all of the decent items bind upon being used or obtained thus eliminating any chance for trading, the importance of FFXI Gil stays strong even in the later levels because quite a number of high-end gear is tradable from player-to-player. Seeing how Gil is very important in FFXI, accumulating large quantities of it would be extremely desirable indeed.

There are, of course, a number of ways for players to accumulate Gil. As a matter of fact, there are even dedicated Final Fantasy XI Gil Guides available in the internet market for players to use as reference. Such FFXI Guides generally aim to provide its readers with a variety methods that are proven to yield a steady income of Gil.

Content-wise these Gil Guides usually include strategies, techniques, hints and tips that can be used in Final Fantasy XI for Gil-making. Most of which are generally claimed to have been either approved or used by experts of the game.

The one most obvious drawback of FFXI Gil Guides, or any guide for that matter, is that it actually requires the player to actually do the work themselves. Buying a Gil Guide does not yield Gil immediately but it most surely will eventually if the strategies within the guide are actually put to use as they are designed to be.

One good aspect about guides is that, unlike online shops that let players buy FFXI Gil directly, there are relatively trustworthy reviews and forums that customers can actually find factual information from regarding each different brand of Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide available. Trying to find informative reviews or authentic testimonials about Gil selling shops is a task that is nearly impossible to achieve as those Gil shops seem to hog all the search engine keywords, eliminating any chance of finding authentic reviews in the search results. In fact, those keywords usually end up leading to promotional articles about the shop instead. 

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