Female Equipment FAQs in MapleStory for Level 35

Level 35:  Remember that Reign of utter leetness we had on those guys. It just ran dry.  But we are still better than they are cause we do not goggle over our new equipments, we just resent it. The avenger is, by far, the most revealing piece of equipment that women get in this game, even more revealing than shadow or mantis. The Avenger is an overall armor, more usefull than the Sauna robe, unless some major scrolling is involved.

The only two avengers worth getting are Purple or Dark, since those are the two that give luck. Either axe stumps or Blue mushrooms drop them, so you do not need to fork out an arm and a leg to get one. If you are really anti-social, you can get the purple from El nath for about 100k. You are still using a Bamboo hat, and that sexy Meba, which should be fully scrolled if you did not do so beforehand.

Go with Cat eyes for the Earrings. We swear, those things will match just about anything. Stick with the shoes of your choice at 30, and the glove will be the one you received from John is second quest. It gives a nice bonus of 2 luck, not too shabby. There is a bright side from here on out, female equips are much less expensive, since there are a LOT more guys playing this game than there are girls.

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