Dofus Newers Travel Guide

How can you do level faster that you have started a few quests but are getting annoyed at all the running around. Well there are the 3069s for transportation. To use a 3069, you need to have a few saved. As you wander Incarnam you will come across four 3069s. You have two options at each 3069, save or use. Saving will save that 3069 as your location for re-spawning when you die or you can use a recall potion to return to. Use, will allow you to travel to another 3069 on your list or to add an unknown 3069 to your list. Once a 3069 is on your list you can travel around maps much much faster for a nominal fee.

On the East side there is a hot air balloon when you look at your map. This form of transportation will transport you to Astrub. You can pop into Incarnam to do some shopping or to sell your harvests or to start your first weapon quest.

However, how does your character get back to Incarnam, once your errands are done. After all, the big city is still a little scary. All you need to do is find any class statue and click on it and you will find yourself located back in Incarnam. If you have saved at a 3069 you will return to it, if you have not you will return to your class start area.


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