Damage Against MapleStory Mobs

In second job crusaders will continue to use the same basic tactics  - Power Strike if there are two or less monsters, Slash Blast if there are more, as long as you can knock back with it. Similar to Panic, Crusaders also get a mobbing "finisher" called Coma. With Slash Blast and Coma, Crusaders can very slightly outdamage the other warrior(cheap maplestory mesos) classes on mobs of 5 or 6 enemies, Coma hits a mob of up to 6 with the range of Fury, stuns most of the time, but resets your orb count to 0 and it is a very close call with Dragon Knights and unstable damage strings result in less knockback.

0 orb Slash Blast - 130% on up to 6.
1 orb Slash Blast - 156%.
2 orb Slash Blast - 162.5%.
3 orb Slash Blast - 169%.
4 orb Slash Blast - 175.5%.
5 orb Slash Blast - 182%.
Coma with 5 orbs - 700% on up to 6.
Though FA has the same range as Fury Based on inefficiency of FA on mobs and range, Crusaders and WKs are both less effective in mobs of 5 and 6 monsters in comparison to DKs. Coma also has the same range. Though the total damage that will be dealt by FA is 250% which is close to another Power Strike, if dealt to other monsters in Maplestory, it divides that 250% disproportionately. The FA damage divided up with a mob of 6 is "1.67*, .56*, .18*, .06*, .02*, .006*." This seriously hinders overall damage while DKs do not have to worry with such inconsistency through Fury/Buster.

Also, they do not have to worry about KB as much. The 2nd monster will only receive around 34% of the damage the 1st monster received, as the 2nd monster received, the 3rd monster will only receive around 32% of the damage in game(Maplestory powerleveling), and so on. This seriously hinders keeping a mob at bay to reduce pot costs. That is why such Defensive Tactics are noted as follows.


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