Creating Your Character Well in MapleStory

This is Goldceo. We have collected the information in MapleStory which we got from other site, hope you like it more or less.

Wish you have a good day in this wonder game(Maple Story Mesos). So, when you first run your MS client, you may have to download a patch. After it is done, unless you have an account already, you will need to make one, now you need to choose a server to play on. Once your server is chosen, you can not move your character between servers. We believe the servers are currently ordered from most recent to oldest.

Once you have chosen your server, the game will prompt you for a channel, from 1-20, your character(MapleStory gold) can change between channels at any time. Now that you have chosen a channel, click create new character, and design your character to your liking. Once your character is designed, you will notice the box on the right, it has a field for name, enter your desired name, and click check to see if your character name is available. If so, proceed to the next box with generate written in it.

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