Choosing the Best Class for You in Maple Story

Do you have trouble in deciding what Maple Story class you want to be? If this is the case, you come in the right place, because we will make mention of all classed in this game now.

In maple story mesos, class is called job. It determines what weapons you use, what skills you can use, different armors and weapons you can use, all of that stuff. Now, what are the classes?

there are five general classes such as Thief, Bowman, Warrior, Magician and Pirate. Each of these jobs divides into sub-classes, which go into more specific details of you class which help you master the aspects of the class you like.

For thief, its sub-classes are assassin, bandit.

For bowman, its sub-classes are hunter and maplestory mesos crossbow man.

For magician, its sub-classes are cleric fire/ poisin wizard and ice/lightning wizard.
For warrior, its sub-classes are fighter, page and spearman.

For pirate, its sub-classes are brawler and gunslinger.

Now it is the time to make them clear for your information, see below:
Page is right for you if you like using flashy skills and maple story mesos huge cool-looking weapons. Pages use mainly holy skills and hammers and swords for their weapons.
Crossbowman is right for you if you like long-range, huge power and using strategy while training. Crossbowmen have a wide variety of skills used for killing monsters effectively and cleverly in battle. They use crossbows for weapons.

Fire/Poisin is right for you if you like watching creatures whither slowly and painfully away to their doom. Fire/ Poisin wizards use fire and maple story mesos poisin to attack their enemies. Fire is damaging and cools and poising drains away the monster is hp. Fire/Poisin wizards mainly use wands and staves for weapons.

Gunslinger is right for you if you like shooting things to death, a cop. Well gunslingers are nothing like that. But they do use guns, which is sweet and use guns, bullets as weapons.
Brawler is right for you if you like being a boxer and maplestory mesos punching your foes to death to release your anger. Brawlers use knuckles to punch their enemies.


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