Cheating In MMORPGs About MapleStory

Cheating In MMORPGs About MapleStory
By some players during the actual game-playing and aside from the usual cheating employed , there also persists a type of cheating in on-line games known as social cheating. These are based on real-life tricks or scams that take advantage of the lack of experience and greed of new players.

These scams will often take the form of uneven trades or outright bad-faith during trading of in-game items. Players willfully misrepresent the value of their goods to new players. Many substitute look-alike worthless items for valuable ones while others offer to improve items and then just walk away with the item to be improved.

Many are aware of some scams and fraudulent practices employed by unscrupulous people on the internet to get personal information of individuals which they will then use in illegal and, in many cases, even criminal activities.

Social engineering is often used to steal the players log in information. On-line gaming has also fallen prey to this type of activity. Scammers will pose as a member of the staff of the game, either in e-mail or in the game itself, and ask for the players login information under any number of pretexts. In return, the scammer will offer cheating or automation services to the players. Some require that the player give their information as part of initiation into a clan.

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