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Scroll is the purchase process (usually) expensive couplets (70,000 cheap 100% scroll maplestory mesos, gloves, weaponry, can increase the many millions of mesos), maplestory mesos online, then use them in your project. Usually, a complete rolling projects than next project better. For example, seven red snake (level 35 bow) can have 68 weapons to attack and 7% of accuracy, if the scroll seconds 60 a unscrolled pole vaulter ms 2000 (level 40 bow) have up to 59 weapons, if you are lucky. maplestory mesos guide.

Due to the level of 40/50 gap at level 40, suggest you start rolling your weapon. 10 levels takes a long time, level 50 weapon is the most rare (although they may be in Ludibrium create). So, you can use your weapons to level 40 and 55 even 60. Scroll let you buy mesos new weapons, your weapon stronger.

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