assassin is type in MapleStory

If you are have been asking for an Assassin guide of MapleStory. After much tweaking, this is the way to distribute your points.There are 3 options.

The first is a good "All Round Solo" Assassin. The second is a "Fast Levelling Expensive" Assassin. Finally we have a "Party Specialist" Assassin.

The advantage of the first type is you wont be spending as much mesos on potions as the other 2 types. Levelling speed is medium/high. You also get Haste relatively soon, which makes playing fun.

The advantage of the second type is, as long as you have MapleStory mesos spare for MP pots you will be doing the fastest levelling. The drawback is of course that it is very expensive. You can expect most of your money to be spent on MP potions at least until lvl 40.

The Party Specialist is good for those people who love to Party. The advantage is that if you actually Party a lot, everyone in your party will benefit from your Haste, and you get to level fast from everyones shared experience, and also from their skills (eg Heal, Fury etc). The drawback is that if you train solo you will have the disadvantages of both the first 2 types, but neither of the benefits.

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