Aion Online Divine Power Introduction

Divine Points
Aion Divine Power is a force accumulated over time and released at a strategic point in combat which called as Divine Points. Divine Points begin to accumulate after a player has reached level 10 and become a Daeva. Players earn divine points for each creature killed and can fill the Divine Points bar three times. Once you have successful earned 2000 Divine Points, you can use a Divine Skill. Divine Skill is different for each class. Your chance of either critically healing or critically hitting your intended target as well as creating a "Noble" variant of an item while crafting is depending on the Points. All accumulated Divine Points is lost upon the player is death.

Divine Power
Divine Power (DP) can only be harnessed by Daeva, which means you have to get level 10. How to gain DP? DP is gained in increments by fighting monsters or the Balaur, all of which possess a certain amount of Aether.

Divine Power Used in Combat
After a Daeva successfully slays a monster, this energy is released and absorbed as Divine Power. This energy can be collected, stored and used to deal unimaginable destruction. Once DP reaches maximum, a single blow of celestial force can be unleashed causing huge damage to all in the surrounding area.

Divine Power Used Outside of Combat
Outside of combat, Divine Power can be used to craft items. Daeva have the ability to use DP in creating higher quality weapons or armour. Items imbued with DP hold exceptionally powerful qualities. It can be sold for some Aion Kinah if you want. DP is slowly accumulated through battle but lost when the player leaves the game session. However, it can be transferred to another character if so desired. If there is grave danger or a need to craft certain items in a short period of time, the ability to pool DP could prove critical.

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