Adventure Island Lock Seal

Adventure Island Lock Seal

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Seal on the lock looks like a long time in the data have to add, but has been hesitant about opening up SD. T033 finally add another after several opened.

After buying. Lock will be placed on a special column. Double-click to open interface. Similar to the soul of the artisan (forgot to screenshot the-_-b).

1 can only be a prop seal. Seal disappeared after the lock can not be reused. Were props seal small lock icon in the lower right corner of the icon.

Props into after the end of the seal, non-tradable or discarded. Or who never stayed in the bag

Props of the restriction is "non-mission-type equipment" and "boomerang" The consumption-type, cash props, props other column can not use this in -0 --

Be like after the seal, the most of his date stated above

As long as the seal of the props, each will be prompted on-line

Seal, when the confirmation pop-up prompts to confirm lock will disappear by

The equipment onto the grid interface, the attempt of some equipment in the possession of equipment that can not be checked until the

In other words: the body of the seal ring can not be, or to drag the bag, seal, etc. But after you have brought is not on the

Props are free to put into storage, you can put on or take

Props seal can not be put into auction, figure, will become non-tradable equipment such as anti-dark

Seal of the props after being hit volume can will pop-up tips

Hit fly disappear. So that you lock on the abolition of the --

With regard to the lifting of the seal, there was a post before mentioned,

That is the task of serving Taiwan, the existence of the lock to lift the seal of the binding effect

However, Taiwan is clothing is a permanent seal on the lock of the

SD of the reference to a time limit of four kinds of lock seal


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