A player is opinion on Maplestory characters


When I make my characters on MapleStory, I always come across this question. The ideal

character or the original character? Which would you choose?

Would you follow the path of the online guides and create an all-powerful character or would

you choose to follow your instincts and create an original? My choice was to make an original

(sort of). Anyway, I thought about it, an came up with this.

Original Characters: Originals. These characters show what you think, in player form. A

mistake can screw it up, but that can also help him. The character will learn things of the game

as you do. You can make any choice about your characters. Originals give you all the choices

(almost all of them, anyway).

Ideal Characters: Ideal characters are calculated to be the strongest possible character they

can be. Following guides allows people to gain information that people before them used.

From stats to equips, it tells you all.

If you count quest guides, it helps you in all aspects of the game, also revealing secrets of

the game for you. Summary, Ideal characters allow you to make the character the best he/she

can be.






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