A guide to Goby House killing for Rangers.

This is a guide for all rangers that are interested in taking down Goby Houses effectively for

amazing experience and drops.
The map that you will be fighting on is the left portal from the shark map, named Deep Sea

Gorge II.

Goby House:Level: 90 HP/MP: 48000/190

Goby [after doing 48k damage upon the Goby House, six gobies release. SOMETIMES these

gobys FLY AWAY a split second after being released from the Goby House. Because of this, it

is IMPERITAVE that you use inferno (NOT ARROW BOMB, because of the stun, which will be

explained later) immediately after the goby house breaks to make the gobys try to attack you]:
Level: 85 HP/MP: 17000/150 EXP: 1400 each

Bone Fish:
Level: 92 HP/MP: 48500/190 EXP: 2000



Level 30 strafe [of course]
Level 12 Puppet [or higher]
Level 1 Inferno [or higher]
Level 28 Arrow Rain [or higher, for maximum damage. By the time you can survive a hit here,

you definitely should have 30 arrow rain]
2300 total HP. [the bone fishes can do 2.2k or so]

Now, the big thing about training at Sea Gorge II is that the Goby Houses themselves and the

Bone Fish can cast a defense up skill, making you do a maximum of ONE damage per hit. This

is the reason why many are afraid of training here, they feel useless hitting ones. My solution:

Do not hit them. If you are fighting a Bone Fish and it suddenly casts a weapon defense up skill [it

is a yellow polearm-like icon above the Bone Fish, or Goby House for that matter] you simply

swim away and start attacking another monster. This may lead you to think that the EXP will be

slower because of this, but thanks to the mobility that Aqua Road provides us, the time that is

spent traveling from one monster to another is negligible. As long as you are attacking

something all the time, the EXP will be the exact same. If the monster that you just started

attacking uses a weapon defense up skill, go back to the monster that you were previously

attacking and take that one down. By the time your second monster casts a defense up skill on

you, the defense up skill on the previous monster will be gone. There is sometimes a blue icon

that appears above the Bone Fish is head, but do not worry about that; it is a magic defense up

skill and it does not affect any attacks that bowmen can do [yes, even inferno].

Now, keep in mind that Goby Houses can NOT move. They are completely stationary, so snipe

the shit out of those houses. Make use of the ability to swim and attack at the same time; attack

just like a Hermit kills normally. This decreases potion usage and killing speed is equal. Goby

Houses do around 2k on magic attack [touch is less, but you should never be touching a Goby


Once you kill a Goby House, six Gobys explode from the Goby House. Each Goby will do one

of two things:
-Immediately swim away, either to the top or to the bottom of the map
-Stay where they are and start swimming randomly, however still in sniping range.

When stunned [or frozen for that matter], Gobys SINK. For that exact reason, you DO NOT

WANT TO USE ARROW BOMB AT THE GOBY MAP when you are NOT at the very bottom

lane of the map. The reason you can use arrow bomb at the very bottom of the map is because

the Gobys will fall all the way to to the bottom of the map, but you will still be able to hit them, so

there are no worries. To continue on what I was saying, once a Goby House is killed the six

gobies are going to do one of the two above choices. You IMMEDIATELY use Inferno as soon

as you see a Goby spawn out of the Goby House explosion. Even if the Gobys have started

swimming already, if you use inferno and hit one it will hit all six of them [so long you have a high

leveled Inferno. I have level 21 Inferno, and if I hit one of them before they all swim away, the

lag allows you to hit all six of them with that one cast of Inferno.]


And XRoyalCatX, there are no Goby parties in Bera, but if you want to know how to Goby party

then just ask CometSan or refer to her Goby Party thread here.

Now for all of my screen shots of how to kill the Bone Fishes and Goby Houses effectively.

Take note of where the Puppet is placed in most of the pictures.

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