A Beginner is Guide of Maple Story

When you are starting to play Maple Story, you do not start off as any particular character class as a Maple Story player.

Instead, you will initially start off as a beginner when you play the game.

Nevertheless, before you even create your Maple Story character at the start of your game, you will want to know which character class you are going to be ahead of time.

At the character creation phase when you create your character, you will be able to roll a pair of dice that will randomly generate your statistics for your character.

It is very important to know which character class you are planning to become in Maple Story so that you can receive the statistics layout that will work best for you and your character class.

There are 4 main Statistics for your reference:

STR (Strength) - Determines Melee Attack Power

DEX (Dexterity) - Determines Accuracy and Avoidability, Bowman is Attack Power

INT (Intelligence) - Determines Spell Accuracy & Magician Attack Power

LUK (Luck) - Determines Avoidability & Thief is Attack Power

Currently, Maple Story has several classes of characters:

Warriors are melee fighters. They do not use range like other classes and can only hit their target up close.

Magicians are the Magic powers of Maple Story. They are not able to melee but they can weld damage by the use of their powerful spells and insane power that they posses at high levels.

The Bowman class is a very fun class to play. They do damage from afar with their bows and crossbows.

A thief is a very under estimated class. You may not think so but a powerful thief is able to do an insane amount of damage as they get higher levels.

Think of what character class you wish to become in Maple Story, and generate the required statistics for your character in order to maximise your character is power!

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